TOP 25: Most Viewed Articles of 2016


The year is almost over, only one more day to go. Here is a list of the 25 most viewed articles of the past year.

25. ‘Happy Newyear’ from ‘The Metal Resource’, Staff Picks: The Top 10 Best Albums of 2015 (article)
24. The Saving – “Sinners In The Hands Of An Angry God” (article)
23. To The Wolves – “Morals” EP (article)
22. Aggelos – “Silentium” (article)
21. Progressive Metalcore Band ‘Levels’ to Release a Brand New Music Video for the Upcoming Single ‘Slip’ on December 28th. (article)


20. The Italians – “Live At Teatro Delle Voci” EP (article)
19. Northern Ireland Metal Band ‘ForChristSake’ Announces Change of Name to ‘Indominus’ (article)
18. Heavy/Thrash Metal Band ‘Final Decree’ (Feat. Glenn Rogers) Announces New 18. Vocalist ‘Sammy DeJohn’ (Ruthless) (article)
17. Legendary Metal Band ‘Deliverance’ to Play ‘Exodo Fest’ 2016 Mexico (March 25th 2016) (article)
16. InnerWish – “InnerWish” (article)

15. Cat O’ Nine Tails & Dark Sky Confirmed to Play ‘Metalyard’ March 2017 (article)
14. Listen to ‘Pantokrator’ Version of ‘Awesome God’ (article)
13. The Hoax, Praiser and The Old-Timers – “Three Way Tie for Last” (article)
12. Sevendust – “Kill the flaw” (article)
11. ‘The Metal Resource’ Celebrates 10th. Anniversary with Festival on June 18th. 2016, Naxt Stage, Almelo, The Netherlands (article)


10. Festival (June 18th. 2016) – Official Aftermovie Available — (article)
09. The World Will Burn – “Severity” (article)
08. ‘One Bad Pig’ – Cover Artwork of Upcoming Album Revealed, Teases New Album (article)
07. Vardøger – “Ghost Notes” (article)
06. Brazilian Gothic Rock/Metal Band ‘Amos’ Signs with Roxx Records, “Jade” Album Details Revealed (article)


05. ‘Veja Magazine’ Publishes Misleading Article About ‘Crash Church’ and ‘Antidemon’ (article)
04. An Interview with ‘Maggie English’ of Hardrock Band ‘Gold, Frankincense & Myrrh’ (GFM) (article)
03. Vivaldi Metal Project – “The Four Seasons” (article)
02. Crimson Moonlight – “Divine Darkness” (article)
01. ‘Fleshkiller’ a New Metal Project Feat. ‘Ole Børud’ of ‘Extol’ and ‘Peter Dalbakk’ of ‘Vardøger’ (article)


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