‘Bombworks Records’ to Re-Release All ‘Crimson Thorn’ Albums Next Year


crimson-thorn-logoLuke Renno of Crimson Thorn and Taking the Head of Goliath recently reacted to a facebook post which was about Crimson Thorn

Renno said: “All of our albums are being re-released on Bombworks records in the next year. We have talked about recording another album. Right now it’s up in the air. But also check out the new band I’m playing bass in called “Taking the Head of Goliath” Brutal death metal that fans of Crimson Thorn will love! We will be putting up videos of our first live show soon.”

We keep you posted.

Crimson Thorn is an American Christian death metal band. According to Allmusic, they are “surely one of the world’s most extreme-sounding Christian metal bands”. Crimson Thorn has performed at notable events such as Cornerstone Festival and Sonshine Festival. They have also been featured in HM Magazine.

The band was founded in 1991 by members Luke Renno, Dave Quast, Dylan Jenniges, Paul Jongeward and Miles Sunde. They were almost ready to record their first demo when Dylan left, and Luke took his place on the bass. Their demo was entitled “The Plagued” and was recorded in 1992 at Blue Moon Studios in Minneapolis.

After Quast left, Kevin Sundberg joined as the new drummer, and their style changed to death metal and grindcore. Crimson Thorn was signed to Atomic Records and released their first full length CD, “Unearthed” in 1994. Later, R.E.X. Records re-released “Unearthed.” Paul Jongeward left the band, and was replaced with Andy Kopesky before the release of “Dissection” in 1997 on the label Morphine Records. Little Rose Records re-released it in 1999. Their most recent album “Purification” was later released (2002) after the band built their own studio in the basement of Kevin‘s home.

Current line-up: Luke Renno – guitar, vocals, Steve Reishus – Drums, Miles Sunde – Guitars, Backing Vocals.

As previously reported, Luke Renno has recently joined brutal death metal band Taking the Head of Goliath as their new bass player. (read more)

Video below: ‘Whithered’

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