Brutal Death Metal Band ‘Taking the Head of Goliath’ Announces New Bass Player ‘Luke Renno’ (Crimson Thorn)


luke_renno_545Luke Renno has recently joined brutal death metal band Taking the Head of Goliath as their new bass player.

Luke Renno is best known for his work in Crimson Thorn where he not only performed bass, but also lended his now well-respected guttural vocals. Crimson Thorn released three full-length albums between 1995 and 2002 before drifting into inactivity. Crimson Thorn is no doubt a legend among Christian death metal fans; and even if its not in Crimson Thorn, we are happy to see Luke once again taking the stage.

Taking the Head of Goliath will be opening the For Today Farewell Tour stop in Minneapolis (Dec. 14th). This will be their debut show. Tickets can be purchased through them. Hit them up on Facebook and they will get you hooked up in person within the metro or purchase at their online store here.

Taking The Head Of Goliath is a Christian Brutal Death Metal band from the Twin Cities, Minnesota, USA. TTHOG incorporates grind, slam, tech, melodic and classic death metal into a ultra-heavy sound never lacking in brutality or originality. Vocal range hits on all points of the extreme metal spectrum, from blood curdling highs to the lowest of gurgling lows. The mission of this band is to spread a message of hope, redemption, strength, freedom, patriotism and ultimately salvation through Jesus Christ. Simply put, Taking The Head Of Goliath is death metal for life.

The band consists of:  Matt Vangsgard – Drums, Nathan Sherman – Guitar, Rob Blake – Guitar, Luke Renno – Bass/Vocals, Jake Martin – Vocals


Upcoming Shows:
Dec 14 – For Today Farewell Tour, The Cabooze, Minneapolis, MN

Weblinks: Facebook / Bigcartel


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