Punk Juggernaut ‘CPR’ Releases “Turn It Up!” EP


Raven Faith Records and Thumper Punk Records have jointly teamed up for the release of “Turn It Up!” from Fountain Valley, California, based punk band CPR. While musically influenced by Oxymoron, The Damned, and Black Flag, CPR has a unique street punk sound that sets itself apart. Said lead singer Jet Wilson: “Don’t write music to please the crowd. Don’t write music that’s already been done before.”

CDs will be available directly from CPR and Raven Faith Records. Digital downloads available now from:

Raven Faith Records
Thumper Punk Records

1. Turn It Up 02:13
2. Fire The Fire 01:48
3. Rally The Troops 02:24

C.P.R. Established 2014, Fountain Valley, CA as a Christian-Punk-Rock band. Our goal as a band is all about service with Gods heart for all who get in our way.

We are the Anti-Anti band, a double negative makes a positive.

The core of the band is Greg Hill aka: Jet Wilson (lead vol/ guitar) Jacob Hill (vol/ bass) & David Hill (drums). In 2017 Rod Crowell, from Saul of Tarsus, joined on (vol/ guitar).

C.P.R debut show was recorded on Oct 31st 2014 called “Live At Fuzion” that was released 2015 on RavenFaithRecords. One year later studio EP called “In The Business” was released on RFR, SkyBurnsBlack & ThumperPunkRecords. C.P.R. Is also on 4 Compilation Releases.

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