‘No Possession Blues’ To Release Self Titled Album Early 2013


No Possession Blues [NPB] is a live blues/rock, rockabilly quartet based in Vaggeryd, Sweden. Founded in ‘09 the band focuses on live performances as well as writing their own brand of blues rock and aims to entertain anyone tired of the commercial scene.

During the three years playing together the band has recorded two albums at their DIY headquarters “Oil Pit Studio”.
The NPB live performance experience can be described as spreading a contagious energy to all who are listening and has become the essence and heart of No Possession Blues.
To this date the band has played numerous gigs around Sweden, both headlining in various blues clubs or bars as well as supporting a variety of artists and bands including Peter Lundbladh, Sliding Slim & Jimmy Z and Swedish rockers Graveyard.

In 2011 the band entered the Scandinavian Blues Contest which resulted in a double victory – Peoples Choice and The Jury’s Choice! The Jury’s feedback was:

“A tight band who plays in a relaxed manner performing their music where they have fun on stage, which rubs off on the audience. The band has the ability to express their blues with genuine feeling, audience contact and energy without playing too loud”.
This resulted in three amazing gigs. Two of them at the 2012 Mönsterås Blues & Roots Festival and later this year they got the privilege to go to the 2012 Blue Wave Festival in Binz, Germany – the biggest blues festival in Northern Germany.

In the fall of 2012 NPB signed a contract with Doolittle Group AB and Dot Music AB and got Lena Andersson [from Mönsterås Blues & Roots Festival] as the bands personal manager.

The upcoming album will be released Januari 18th. worldwide with the future looking bright.

The band members are:

Micko Ylinikka – lead guitar player from Vaggeryd. With a long history of music creation Micko has a writing and riff structure ability that pleases the ear, all thanks to his love for the Rolling Stones.

Second band member: Danne Pettersson – lead vocals, harmonica and rhythm guitar. Born and raised in the Swedish north he started his musical career listening and playing down to earth Swedish folk music. Now an energetic entertainer, his stage persona is big and bold.

Third band member: Mikko Karppinen – drums and impulsive back ground shouting. He started his musical career by air drumming to AC/DC and listening to progressive rock and metal. Mikko had never played in a band before No Possession Blues but holds the rhythm section down with his influential styles.

Fourth and last band member: Mattias Vestlund – bass guitar and additional vocals. Even though he’s the youngest doesn’t mean he lacks the skills – especially when playing the bass. On his spare time he also loves to growl as frontman of metal outfit Dethrone.

1 Final Nail In The Coffin
2 Oil Pit Shuffle
3 Pattern Ridge Blues
4 Raising Hell
5 Head In The Sand
6 One Night Stand
7 Give Away Grove
8 Go It Bad
9 Little Miss Right
10 The Day I Die
11 No Possession Blues

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