face shotName: Eelco
Nickname: “Thrashboy”
Born:  July 1974
Hometown: Almelo, Twente
Country: Netherlands
Sex:  Male
Marital Status: Divorced/Single
Children: 2

Job at TMR: Co-founder / Head-editor
Favourite music: All kinds of (brutal) metal
Favourite bands: to name a few: Detritus, Antestor, Kamelot, Slechtvalk, Believer, Morphia, (old) Tourniquet, Bride, Stryper, Epica, Linkin Park, (old) Mortification, Holy Blood, Eluveitie, Narnia, Royal Anguish, Austrian Death Machine, Evanescence, Seventh Angel/Ashen Mortality, Undish, Vengeance rising/Once dead, (old) Deliverance, Thy Majestie, Demon Hunter, As I Lay Dying Paramaecium, The Great Commission, August Burns Red and many more
Hobbies: Too many.

Additional info: In the past (early nineties) I was one of the volunteers at Gospeltheek Cascade. which was located in the eastern partof the Netherlands (a christian meeting point, with DJ’s/dancefloor and more like that, where people could meet each other, while enjoying their favourite christian music, having a snack and/or drink!) later on in 1992 we started Metal Night, first on Thursday evening but soon on the Friday evening, every week (at the same location as the Gospeltheek evening, saturday’s) also with DJ’s / thrashing floor etc. A place were christian and non christian metalheads could meet each other,/headbang mosh/ pogo whatever, and enjoying a healthy dose of christian metal a beer/snack. We organized several activities, also some concert/festivals, with National bands No Longer Music, Sculpture, Ancepscura, Salutary, Decision D, Skinny and International bands such as Seventh Angel (UK), Ashen Mortality UK), The Friendly’s (NL/USA) The Circumsized (D), Rainforest (PL) etc. Unfortunately in the end of 1997 (beginning of 1998) there came a sudden end to this all. ‘The history of Metal Night’ Almelo (click image below) on Facebook. With great memories of a great time.

For now: In may 2006 we started this metal webzine. I am co-founder and head editor of The Metal Resource, questions or comments contact me here or click the Facebook image below.