Sean Bailey

Name: Sean Bailey
Nickname: Weird Beard
Born: 1982
Hometown: Hard to say – currently I live in San Antonio, Texas
Country: USA
Sex: Male
Marital Status: Married in 2003
Children: 10 (that is not a typo – one due in November ’23 and one already in heaven)
Job at TMR: Music Reviewer
Favorite music: Depends on the mood. While working usually some good old thrash or melodic death metal. After work usually something more chill. When by myself I like to find stuff that can stretch me in terms of extreme metal.
Favorite bands: (In no particular order) Schaliach, Antestor, Demon Hunter, Living Sacrifice, Extol, Pantokrator, Kekal, Becoming the Archetype, My Silent Wake, Morphia, Attalus, Revolutionary Army of the Infant Jesus, Sabaton, Fleshkiller, Metallica, Tourniquet, Megadeth, Blue Oyster Cult, Matisyahu, Drottnar, Black Sabbath, Lengsel, Meat Loaf, Simon and Garfunkel, War of Ages, Dave Brubeck Quartet, Ludwig van Beethoven, J.S. Bach, TSO and Savatage…I will basically listen to about anything, but prefer metal.
Hobbies: Tarantula keeping, geocaching, fermenting foods, painting, guitar, piano, writing music reviews for TMR.
Additional info: A few years back I recorded a couple of albums under the moniker Last Rites and did some experimental music based on the mathematics of fractals. I also work as an actuary (mathematician for an insurance company). I am just really happy to be listening to and writing about music here!

God bless!