Loud Christian Punk Rock Band Dispraised Releases Debut Album “Moral Rot”


Loud Christian punk rockband Dispraised just released their debut album “Moral Rot” it is released through Rottweiler Records. Check out the two previously released lyric video’s below.

By August 2020 Dispraised launched and released ‘Same God Modern World.’ By the end of 2020 Dispraised had also finished recording guitar work and vocal tracks for their debut full length “Moral Rot”. Only a short few months later, Dispraised took on Justin Ram (Grave Robber/The Jericho Harlot) as their drummer. Ram held the same convictions and critical ideals that the band had clearly aired, so the work began to replace the programmed drums with an actual live drum performance for Dispraised’s first full length album, “Moral Rot.”

Moral Rot is a project that captures and channels the cutting snark, criticism and outright attitude of some of the most renowned punk rock bands in music history. Dispraised holds nothing back and channels the aggressive anti-PC stance of such legendary punk/hardcore legends as Fear, Black Flag and the Bad Brains. The difference is Dispraised’s lyrics come from a faith filled Christian stance and are firmly rooted in scripture. Donovan’s guitar riffs paired with Toms snarling vocals and thought provoking lyrics make “Moral Rot” a truly one of a kind project, for fans of the spirit and sound of Punk Rock that aims to examine a flawed world.


1. Babylon’s Grip 01:26
2. Faith Vultures 03:21
3. Slowly Dying 02:49
4. Reaper’s Kiss 03:10
5. Into Filth 03:16
6. The Hunt 04:44
7. Stand Alone 02:36
8. Division Lines 03:20

Lyric Video for ‘Babylons Grip’

Lyric video for ‘Reapers Kiss’

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