‘Veja Magazine’ Publishes Misleading Article About ‘Crash Church’ and ‘Antidemon’


crashantidemonThe Brazilian death metal band Antidemon recently was interviewed by Veja magazine and after the interview was published in issue 2478, the band issued a statement about some distortions and misrepresentations of facts that were printed in the article. According to the article, the band’s tours were funded by tithes and contributions to Crash Church, which for all who know the band and church, is entirely false.  Promoters in the various cities and countries the band plays shows in are responsible for arranging the details around the band’s travels. A correction is expected to be published in the Errata section of the next issue of Veja. Read more in the article here (In Portugese).

Submitted by: Cássio Antestor

Antidemon released their latest album “Apocalypse Now” in 2012 via Rowe Productions.
Our review of “Apocalypse Now” can be found here.
Upcoming Shows:
July 7 – Zorba Rock-Buenos Aires-Argentina
July 9 – Speed King, Buenos Aires-Argentina
July 15 – The Wall Bar, Rosario, Argentina

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Video below “Welcome To Death’

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