‘Behind Wives’ Tale’ with ‘My Epic’, New Album “Viscera” Out Now


my epic‘Wives’ Tale’ is the third in a four-part series that goes behind the music of My Epic’s new EP “Viscera.” which is released on May 6th through Facedown Records. The ‘Behind Memoir’ video can be see below.

The captivating new release from My Epic sees the band building on the pivotal momentum of previous releases while still treading new ground musically and thematically. With “Viscera,” My Epic reference the Latin term for the inner organs as the thread that runs through the tracks. The aspect of each song alluding to a human emotion tied to physicality makes“Viscera,” My Epic’s most heavily themed release to date.

Musically “Viscera” takes elements from the band’s more ambient, ethereal spirit of “Behold,” and adds to them the post-rock, grunge influenced groove of “Yet,” which floods the EP with heaviness. Songs grow large on “Viscera” and leave lots of room to explore the human conditions of fear and courage, comprehension, and even memory loss. Viscera” is the first in a series of annual EPs, each of which will be supported with a tour.


Track listing:
1. Ghost Story 6:08
2. Memoir 6:37
3. Cesura 1:37
4. Wive’s Tale 4:00
5. Open Letter 7:56

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Video below: ‘Behind Wives’ Tale’

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