Cat O’ Nine Tails & Dark Sky Confirmed to Play ‘Metalyard’ March 2017


MetalyardOn Saturday 25th March 2017, the second edition of the new indoor metal festival ‘Metal Yard’ will be held at poppodium Atak, Enschede, the Netherlands. This new festival is organized by foundation Bonavox, together with club Atak. The first bands for the 2017′ edition have been already confirmed.

Winterhorde (Progressive Extreme Metal from Israel), Gorgon (Symphonic Death Metal from France), Dark Sky (Melodic Rock / Metal from Germany), Cat O’ Nine Tails (Pirate Metal from Finland), Death Machine (Death Metal from Holland), Deadly Alliance (Thrash Metal from Holland). More bands will be announced in the upcoming months, stay tuned!

Dark Sky were founded as a school band in the very early 80’s in the South German city of Rottweil. Dark Sky already released five albums “Believe It” (2000), “Edge Of Time” (2002), “Living & Dying” (2005), “Empty Faces” (2008), “Initium” (2012).

The band played at major festivals and toured with bands like Europe, Doro, Thunder and Magnum. In September the band played at the second edition of Rock Alive (Atak, Enschede).

Video below: Dark Sky – ‘Dancing with the Devil’

Cat O’ Nine Tails – the first Christian pirate metal band – rises from the coasts of Finland. The birth of this four-piece pirate crew dates back to 2012 when bassist Tuomas Kannisto (also known for the band HB) and guitarist Samuel Savander started to write music with this very unique twist. The crew needed a captain and thus a versatile vocalist Janne Heiskanen joined the band. The rhythm section was flogged by Lauri Tuomenoksa who then abandoned the ship and was replaced by Eetu Pesu in 2016.

The recordings for the epic debut album ”Under Captain’s Flag” began in the late summer of 2013 at Kiipu Studios under Antti Niskala‘s protection. Last notes and soundscapes were added in early 2015. The self-published debut album was released on 25 April 2015 on the bands first live-show at Immortal Metal Fest.

Cat O’ Nine Tails aims now for the international waters and continues to create new music with open-minded experimentation.

Video below: Cat O’ Nine Tails – ‘Symphony of Ending Time’


Information and/or tickets: Metalyard /  Poppodium Atak

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