Northern Ireland Metal Band ‘ForChristSake’ Announces Change of Name to ‘Indominus’


indominusNorthern Ireland Extreme/Melodic Death Metal band ForChristSake has checked in with the following announcement:

“Big update… As of today we are pleased to announce our new band name, Indominus. Our music, shows and ethos will not change, but we have decided to turn things up a notch… we will continue to play FCS tracks live, alongside our new material which we have been rehearsing recently. In other news… we’ll be entering the studio next month to record our next release (we’ll be posting some news about this very soon). We have a lot going on and will be posting regular updates on our page, so watch this space! Lastly a big thank you to everyone who has supported and continue to support us, you know who you are! New material and energetic shows coming soon… join us… \m/”

As previously reported, ForChristSake has joined independent communication, distribution and booking agency Voxeve Promotions. (click to read more).

The band’s current line-up includes vocalist Alan Duddy, lead guitarist Simon Cochrane, rhythm guitarist Logan McKee bassist Mark Payne and their new drummer Nathan Glasgow. They released an EP “Death is But a Breath Away” in 2010 and have released their debut full-length album “Apocalyptic Visions of Divine Terror”!  on Januari 21th. 2014 via American label Roxx Productions.

Our review of “Apocalyptic Visions of Divine Terror”! can be found here.

The band is currently writing new songs for the upcoming album.


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