Heavy/Thrash Metal Band ‘Final Decree’ (Feat. Glenn Rogers) Announces New Vocalist ‘Sammy DeJohn’ (Ruthless)


final-degreeLegendary thrash guitarist Glenn Rogers has checked in with the following announcement:

“Hello Final Decree friends, I would like to officially announce the addition of Ruthless vocalist Sammy DeJohn (pictured below) to the fold. (Sammy replaces singer Martin D). Sammy will continue with Ruthless, but he will also be the voice of Final DecreeOver the years we have spoke about working together. Now the timing is right, and we hope to bring to you the best Metal we can. The song writing is continuing and soon we hope to get in the studio. Stay tuned for more news …”

Also added to the line up is drummer Steve Bertrum. 

Final Decree is a Heavy/Thrash Metal band founded by guitarist Glenn Rogers (Primal, Heretic, Hirax, Steel Vengeance, Deliverance,Vengeance Rising). In the Fall of 2016 Glenn gathered together some friends who are the core of a new band.

The first member to join the fold is bassist Daniel Cordova (Heretic, Vengeance Rising, Shades Of Crimson, Lambs Among Wolves). Daniel and Glenn worked together on the Lambs Among Wolves project, and toured with Heretic. They worked so well together he was a natural fit for the band.

On drums Glenn turned to an old friend Steve Bertrum. Steve was the drummer who worked with Glenn on the songs that would end up on the Vengeance Rising album “Human Sacrifice.” He was also in 80’s LA Metal band Magnum Force. Steve has a natural feel for Metal music.

On vocals is Sammy DeJohn (Ruthless, Scarred) Sammy brings the Metal voice to Final Decree.


Final Decree: Facebook
Glenn Rogers: Facebook 

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