Swedish Alternative Rock Band ‘Kvit’ Joins ‘JONO Media’, Debut EP “Earth To Earth” Available Now


kvit_173Swedish Independent Artist Promoter JONO Media proudly welcome another great band to the family: alternative rock band Kvit, founded by Linus Serholt, Dan Ajanki, and Niklas Wachtmeister from the band Quench, and Robert Serholt in 2012.

Their debut EP “Earth To Earth” is released on October 14th. and is available now at Itunes and Spotify.

This is Kvit, a shrilling alarm hoping to wake someone up from the big sleep of today. Drawing from a wide range of genres this alternative rock band combines restless vocals and howling guitars, spanking drums, gnarling bass and sweeping synths and makes for a great soundtrack of the collapse.

Kvit wants to encourage dialogue; on death as it is the only way to grasp life, on the end as it is the only way to begin, on separation as it is the only way to unite, on oppression as it is the only way to revolution.

Linus, Dan and Niklas first met at high school in 2002 and started a band called Quench. After years of touring and a bunch of releases music evolved and when Robert joined in 2012 they felt the need for a new start. And so Kvit was born.

But as life interfered the band was soon forced into hibernation. In fall 2016 Kvit is born again. With the release of the “Earth to earth” EP and new releases soon to come the band is taking its place on the barricades ones again. See you out there.


1. I Give Up Breath Never Spirit 4:22
2. Oh Say Can You See 3:45
3. Earth To Earth 4:27

Weblinks: Facebook / Website / Spotify / Itunes


JONO Media was started in 1999 by Jonatan Samuelsson primarily to be able to manage the economy for his former band (Safemode). The little company grew and expanded with booking, management, distribution, and also served as record label, and music publisher.

JONO Media: Facebook / Website

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