HARPAZO “The Crucible” – A Futuristic Rock Opera Out Now, Releases Lyric Video for New Single ‘Ichor’


Today Rockshots Records is proud to announce the release of “The Crucible”, the debut album from HARPAZO which is a super-group formed by guitarist Marc Centanni and producer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Gary Wehrkamp (Shadow Gallery, Ayreon).This progressive metal rock opera is a thrilling journey through a dystopian future, merging elements of progressive and power metal with symphonic and Celtic influences. “The Crucible” is a concept album that explores a world in turmoil where technology and prophecy collide. The story unfolds across various epic tracks, weaving a tale of revolution, assassins and a charismatic leader with a dark agenda. The narrative primarily takes place in Rome, Jerusalem, New York and Washington DC offering a rich backdrop for the complex and intense musical arrangements.

HARPAZO‘s unique sound is driven by its all-star lineup featuring legendary musicians from the progressive and Christian metal scenes. Alongside Marc Centanni and Gary Wehrkamp, the album includes performances by: DC Cooper (Royal Hunt) Mark Zonder (Fates Warning, Warlord) Les Carlsen (Bloodgood) Rey Parra (Deny the Fallen, Sacred Warrior) Christian Liljegren (Narnia) Michael Drive Lee (Barren Cross, Worldview) Niklas Kahl (Lord of the Lost, Flaming Row) Lee Lemperle (Outside the Wall) Bruno Sa (Operation Mindcrime) Enzo Donnarumma (Enzo and the Glory Ensemble) Jennifer Eckhart (Jennifer K Eckhart & Stained Glass Road).

With intricate compositions and thought-provoking lyrics, “The Crucible” invites listeners into a complex world of intrigue and suspense. The album promises a deeply immersive experience that rewards close listening, revealing subtle details and atmospheric layers with each spin.

On last 15th May the band issued the first single from the album called ‘I Am God’, now they are releasing the second single called ‘Ichor’ for which it has been released an official lyric video you can find here:

HARPAZO‘s “The Crucible” is available on all major streaming platforms and through Rockshots Records since today June 28th. Be sure to check out the album and follow HARPAZO for more updates and news on their journey through the world of progressive metal.

ORDER NOW : https://bit.ly/HarpazoCD

LISTEN – https://lnk.to/DQbZKb3s

Track Listing:​

  1. Ichor
  2. Legion Program
  3. I Am God (video)
  4. Golden Crown
  5. The Crucible
  6. Two Witnesses
  7. Change of Heart Pt. 1
  8. Ultimatum
  9. We Are Weak
  10. Small Price to Pay
  11. Change of Heart Pt. 2
  12. The Book of Life


DC Cooper as Michael Lightborne
Gary Wehrkamp as Jude Solomon
Lee Lemperle as Princess Relena
Jennifer Eckhart as Ellie
Rey Parra as Moses
Christian Liljegren as Casimir Agnus
Les Carlsen as “The Stranger”
Michael Drive as “Pope John”

Lead guitars by Gary Wehrkamp
Bass by Gary Wehrkamp
Keys and Piano by Gary Wehrkamp
All drums performed by Gary Wehrkamp except: Niklas Kahl on “I Am God”, “Change of Heart Pt. 1” and Mark Zonder on “Ichor”, “Golden Crown”, “The Crucible”, “The Book of Life”.

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