‘Malchus’ New Track Available for Streaming ’77’, New Album Due In December


Malchus 2014’77’ is another new track of Polish progressive melodic metal band Malchus and can be streamed in the clip below. The track appears on their upcoming album which carries the title “Dom Zły” (The Evil House). The album includes 10 tracks with a total playtime of 40 minutes.  “Dom Zły” (The Evil House) will be released on Dec. 15th.

Malchus is one of the bands who will perform at the  12th. edition of Elements of Rock, next year March 13-15. in Uster, Switzerland.

The new album of Malchus is full of powerful sounds with no less powerful lyrics. ‘I tried to reflect that heavy sound and band’s message graphically. Due to Radosław‘s suggestion the foreground figure on the cover is a XVI-th century physician dressed up in a protective gown worn during the times of plague, also known as ‘black death’. The theme of long-forgotten epidemics had been repeatedly used by metal musicians through lyrics or graphics. As for Malchus, we have decided to use this theme as a metaphore for modern times, modern world. This time the plague that’s eating our earthly tabernacle is not the ‘black death’ itself but an almost omnipresent evil. The seven deadly sins have been written on “The Evil House‘s” floor in latin – superbia, avaritia, luxuries, invidia, gula, ira and acedia, as they are the basis for all that’s evil. The physician trying to fight off the plague spread by rats is an allegory of a man who opposes the pressure of modern world propaganda, mass-media – ‘how to live, what’s good and what’s evil, what’s true and what’s a lie.

We want to take our listeners on a musical journey around the corners of a frustrated young Pole’s soul. We don’t want to be close-minded and limit ourselves only to heavy sounds. We have added numerous sublime, pompous and catchy melodies to the harcore metal riffs. Our songs can be compared to action movies, where one cannot fall into monotony. The lyrics relate to our spiritualism, and to be more accurate, to our everyday internal struggles. We also wanted to point out the positive aspects of living in ‘The Evil House’.

During its 10 years of activity Malchus has been gathering experience on various stages. We performed in clubs, for charity, students and also at international festivals (Slot Art. Festival in Lubiąż, Fryyfest in Nove Mesto Pod Smrkem, Czech Republic).

Our songs were played in various music stations. In Poland they could be heard in Jerzy Szlachta’s ‘Rock Radio’ auditions in Radio Rzeszów and Wojciech Ossowski’s ‘Musical Peculiarities’ in Third Polish Radio Program. In 2011 ‘Caput Mundi’ album was nominated in a plebiscite for the Music Award of Polish Radio Rzeszów – Werbel for the best album of Subcarpathia. We were voted by the audience to receive a second place. We can also be proud of very good reviews of ‘Caput Mundi’ and ‘Metanoia’ in the biggest Polish music magazine ‘Teraz Rock’.

Albums: “Didymos” (Soundmass, 2010), “Caput Mundi” (Katolik, 2011), “CP/Świebodność” (Nocturnal, 2012), “Metanoia” (Dobry Towar, 2012)

Line-up: Radosław Sołek – Vocals, Guitar, Paweł Tumiel – Guitar, Tomasz “papirus” Pyzia – Drums, Krzysztof Żur – bass, Tomasz Rosół – Keyboard

Malchus Evil House

1. Enemy nr 1
2. The Evil House
3. 77
4. Eyes Open
5. For dust
6. Mother
7. Tripudium
8. …but deliver us
9. Credo
10 …

Upcoming Shows:
March 13-15th. 2015. Elements of Rock, Uster, Switzerland

Weblinks: Website / Myspace / Facebook

Video below ’77’

Video below ‘Dom Zły’ (The Evil House)

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