‘Frosthardr’ to Play ‘Elements of Rock’ 2015


frosthardr 2012Norwegian unblack metal band Frosthardr (picture) is confirmed to play the twelfth edition of Elements of Rock 2015.

Other booked band’s sofar are, Polution (Hardrock, CH), Sleeping Romance (Melodic Metal, IT) Malchus (Melodic Death Metal, PL) and Morgarten (Black Metal, CH), more bands will follow in the coming weeks. Also Pastor Bob Beeman (Sanctuary International) and Jim LaVerde (Barren Cross) will be there. EoR will be held March 13-15th. 2015 Stadthofsaal, Uster, Switzerland.

The whole idea of Frosthardr was created during a walk through a blizzard night in January 1997. Jokull wanted to start an Extreme Metal band, based on Black Metal. In March 1997, he gathered some friends and started to compose some metal noise. In the beginning, Dr. E did the vocals and Jokull played the bass, but the band met a lot of problems finding the right members, so the first years were all about searching for the right ones. The band plays a rawer type of black metal music with occasional punk influences and lyrics from Christian point of view. The drummer Pål Daehlen (Savn) is a former member of the influential dark metal group Vaakevandring, and the vocalist/guitarist Jokull has played as a live member for the ground breaking act Antestor. Frosthardr has achieved some media notice: They appeared on the British 2007 documentary film Murder Music: A History of Black Metal, and are one of the featured bands on the 2008 summer documentary film titled Light in Darkness – “Nemesis Divinawhich was shown at film and music festivals throughout the world and deals with the commonly viewed as ‘paradoxal’ concept of Christian black metal. The documentary was produced by Stefan Rydehed, whose previous works include a documentary on the Norwegian black metal band Mayhem.

Signed to Momentum Scandinavia, the band has released a demo, two EPs, and a full-length album is yet to be released. In 2007, they played concerts at Cornerstone Festival, Bushnell, Illinois, USA.

“Varg” is the band’s most recent album, released back in 2007.

Video below ‘Tortured’

Video below ‘Thrash Against Sin’ (One Bad Pig cover)

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