‘Rock for Eternity’ First Bands Announced for Second Edition (April 2015)


AAMSThe first bands for the second edition of Rock for Eternity 2015 are announced: thrash-core band Spyker (NL) and post-hardcore band Aliens Ate My Setlist [DE) + 4 more bands to be announced. The festival will be held on April 18. 2015 at de kelder in Amersfoort, the Netherlands.

Founded only three years ago, in May 2011, Stuttgart-based post hardcore quintet Aliens Ate My Setlist (picture) have proven to be taken serious – even though their bandname – as terrific, hilarious and catchy it is at the same time – might not suggest so. With a stage presence bar none, highly remarkable electro parts, crushing breaks and simply godlike vocal lines, AAMS have set the bar pretty high for any young band in the genre.

Being all about taking fate into their own hands, the five-piece keeps the DIY spirit alive – booking, graphics, video editing, promotion, you name it – AAMS did it themselves. During their still pretty short career AAMS can look back on dozens of highly successful shows with the likes of Oh, Sleeper, Texas In July or Eyes Set  To Kill as well as crowded, sweaty and energetic headlining gigs. Having sold around 1000 copies of their first EP, “Illusions”, released back in spring 2012, marked a first milestone for the ambitious band, receiving raving reviews from all over Europe. In Januari 2014 they released a second EP “With Fear And Trembeling”.


Spyker formed early 2009. Spyker combines Thrashmetal and Metalcore to make a powerful mixture of blastbeats, grunts, breakdowns, but also smooth melodic guitar parts and raw vocaling. Late february 2010 Spyker recorded their first EP at Sing Sing Studios. Spyker – “Sacred Rage”. The EP includes three songs; ‘Endtimes’, ‘Goat, Bloody Goat’ and ’Sacred Rage’. It also includes the official videoclip for ’Endtimes’ [music video].

A second/self-titled 3 track EP was released November 2013. To read our review for Spyker‘s latest EP click here.

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Video below Spyker – ‘Of Horses And Beasts’

Video below AAMS – ‘Silver Sea Of Lights’


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