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spyker epSpyker are a loud and raw thrash-core metal band from the Netherlands whom formed in early 2009. They blend Thrash metal and Metal-core into what is a powerful mixture of blast beats, grunts, breakdowns, integrating smooth melodic guitar parts and powered by raw vocal aggression.

2010 Spyker recorded their first EP at Sing Sing Studios. “Spyker – Sacred Rage”. The EP includes three songs; “End times”, “Goat, Bloody Goat” and “Sacred Rage”. Which also included the official video clip for “End times”?

“Kill” is not the best introductions to this EP, though that said, it is filled with raw aggression and no nonsense thrash antics. Things start catching fire on the 2nd track entitled, “Of Horses And Beasts”, a powerful thrash earthquake driving hammer of metal articulation. It’s raw and heavy, and is filled with some powerful riffs and a solid driving drum beat. The vocals are raw, maybe a bit raw for some, but it holds a lot of aggression and energy and holds the music’s flaming aggression together nicely. This song needs to be made into a music video, my mind was swinging with ideas, it makes for a great mosh song, and for the fact that the song is so relentless in its Thor like hammer drive, it really delivers the goods without apology.

“Murderers Grace” carries on from, “Of Horses And Beasts” as Spyker release the thrash beast within, a little bit more melodic both vocally and musically than the 2 previous tracks. Building nicely from, “Of Horses And Beasts”, and reminds me a lot of the early thrash bands like Excel, but with their own added modern day touches, mixing some metal-core jugging into the mix too. The overall intensity and aggression is pulverising and purposeful, the drumming for me is like a Berserker driving its hammer or axe down your throat, there is no time to swallow. It’s fast, relentless, deliberate, powerful, and raw, just like some of those 80’s thrash bands I grew up listening too. They not trying to show off, but rather just thrash out….my kind of band. “Murderers Grace” ends the 3 song EP on a powerful and aggressively memorable note.

They include a lyric video of kill, which seems to be their prime choice selection as the single here, but for me both “Of Horses And Beasts” and “Murderers Grace” are the stronger songs, they just seem to work better for me from a composition point of view, and exude a lot of that old school thrash vibrancy and rawness I always have enjoyed from those 80’s thrash bands. I am a old school thrasher by heart.

So if you looking for some decent aggressive thrash mixing it up with a little bit of new school metal-core then this EP will more than suffice. It has a certain rawness to it that adds to its punch and aggression and I hope they never lose that. Should be a great band to watch live and going into the future.

Rating: 8/10

Written by Donovan de Necker

1) Kill
2) Of Horses And Beasts
3) Murderers Grace

Band members:
Henry – Lead vocals
Thom – Lead guitar, backing grunts
Jeff – Bass guitar, backing grunts
Wiebe – rhythm guitar
Henk Jan a.k.a. HJ ‘The Bear’ – Drums

Sacred – “Rage” EP [2010]
Spyker – “EP” [2013] FREE DOWNLOAD

Record label: Independent, Nov. 2013

Weblinks: Website / Facebook Bandcamp / Twitter

Video below for ‘Kill’

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