Heavy/Groove Metal Band Veil of Deception’s New album “Dissident Voices” Releases May 31, 2019


No Life Til Metal Records are very excited to bring you their latest signing of straight up in your face heavy metal music hailing from Vienna, Austria! Veil of Deception (VoD) are a heavy/groove oriented metal combo formed in January 2013. Often compared to bands like Flotsam and Jetsam, 90’s Anthrax, Fates Warning or even Black Sabbath, VoD always stood out because of their distinct sound and lead vocalist Daniel’s classic metal vocal approach. Having played alongside well-known metal heavyweights like Flotsam and Jetsam, Rage, Nervosa, Blaze Bayley or Visigoth and with two highly-acclaimed full-length albums (“Deception Unveiled” and “Tearing Up The Roots”) under their belts, this 4-piece Austrian outfit decided to join forces with No Life Til Metal Records for the release of their highly anticipated third album, which will be cleverly titled “Dissident Voices”.

As usual, it will be as heavy, catchy, groovy and as soulful as ever with their brilliant amalgamation of metal styles, moods and vibes. VoD are surely ready for take-off… and we are inviting you to join us as we take off on this exciting journey!

The band is set to release their third full length album “Dissident Voices” on No Life til Metal Records this May 31st, 2019. Featuring 11 brand new tracks and the debut single ‘Crooked Lines’

Track Listing:
1. Tragedy Brings Clarity
2. Missing Heartbeats
3. Crooked Lines
4. Wrong End of the Stick
5. Dissident Voices
6. End Coming to an End
7. The Tyranny of Hope
8. Forgotten Rain
9. Bonds of Disaffection
10. Would’ve Beens & Could’ve Beens
11. Memories in the Attic

Visit nolifetilmetalrecords.com for pre order information. Also pick up the new CD as a part of an early bird package with the new Heathen’s Rage Book and CD to receive a limited edition Veil of Deception button!

The band consists of Daniel Gallar – Vocals / Dejan Jorgovanovic – Guitar / Martin Zahedi – Guitar / Thomas Hava – Bass / Chris Schober – Drums

Upcoming Shows:
June 8 – Veil Of Deception – CD-Release + Ravenous I Grim Justice @ Escape, Vienna, Austria

Weblinks: Facebook / Website


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