Tyraels Ascension to Release Debut Album ” Hell Walker” on July 26th, Releases ‘Holy Fire’ Lyric Video


He walks the plains of dust and pain, with measured and deliberate tread. Never hurrying, his steps eat up the endless miles of eternity; beneath the boughs of weeping trees, beside the grey waters of the river of forgetting, through the ever-burning, sulphurous flames. Timorous, diminutive devils dance and flitter about his feet while larger prey watch from dark ravines and from behind curtain falls of lava – ashamed and afraid. He passes through the halls of silence, the blackened palaces of the fallen and the damned. He is the Hell Walker and sword in hand, with unflinching purpose and unwavering belief, he draws ever nearer to the tarnished throne of blustering arrogance and whispered regret…

Hell Walker is the debut album from Tyraels Ascension, the incredible new band summoned into being by guitarists Sean Searls of Bury Your Burdens and Kevin McNeil of Deathbreaker. From the very first song, ‘The Prophecy’, Hell Walker seizes you in its iron grip and there’s no escape. The robust, relentless vocals drive the song forward, riding on the powerful, driving rhythms while the twin guitars weave intricate webs of gold around the steel juggernaut. Like the spinning knives of an elegant assassin the melodious guitars dart and dance with breathtaking precision, lifting the sound of Tyraels Ascension to another level. Just listen to the solos in second track ‘Descent’ – this is the stuff of metal dreams! Heading deeper into the album the sheer strength of the song writing becomes ever more apparent, with the uplifting and superbly structured ‘The Art Of War’, the dynamic, imaginative ‘When The Hero Dies’ – a track fizzing with effervescent energy – and first single ‘Holy Fire’ with its furious pace and intensity and effortlessly smooth shifting between tempos, forming a stunning heart to this enthralling collection. The quality of musicianship, the dramatic atmosphere, the towering stature of the songs is maintained right to the final note of Hell Walker, making it one of the most accomplished and impressive debut albums of recent years.

Arrayed in stunning artwork that captures the amazing atmosphere and majestic power of the music within, Hell Walker will be unleashed upon an unsuspecting world by Rottweiler Records on August 2nd. Also landing on August 2nd, from Kisimul Studio in association with Rottweiler Records, will be Tyraels Ascension: Hell Walker the video game! Complete with the music of Tyraels Ascension fans can venture even deeper into the world of the Hell Walker.

See the trailer and info for the game here.

Follow the Hell Walker into the fire and discover a world of magnificent metal and immersive fantasy.

Kevin McNeil – Lead/Rhythm Guitar, Bass, Backing Vocals
Sean Searls – Lead/Rhythm Guitar
Alex theesen – Vocals

Drums on Hell Walker performed by Morgan Hoehne (Your Hands Write History)
Guest Vocals on ‘The Art Of War’ by Dustin Cichosz (Surpasses)

Genre: Metal
For fans of: In Flames | Soilwork | Trivium | Shadows Fall

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