Lambs & Lions Release Debut Album “Rebel Hymns of Grace”


From the multicultural streets of the world to the vibrant chords of Oi!, Lambs & Lions emerges as a promise of unity and defiance with their debut album, Rebel Hymns of Grace. At the helm is Luis Medeiros of Living Fire, whose vision to rekindle the fiery spirit of Oi! and Street Punk has given rise to a band that transcends borders.

Strumming the strings of solidarity, Matej Blažević, from the historic city of Rijeka, Croatia, infuses the music with his soulful guitar and heartfelt raspy vocals. His journey from a devoted fanzine writer to a cornerstone of the band’s sound is a testament to the power of passion and the bonds of music.

The rhythm that beats the streets’ pulse is laid down by Jaden Campbell, a British drummer with Jamaican roots whose sticks have danced across the pubs of Camden and Birmingham, echoing the band’s multicultural essence.

Brazilian native Luis Medeiros, currently living in Southern California, weaves tales of faith and perseverance into lyrics that express biblical teachings and daily human struggles. Amidst the hum of renovation, his apartment-turned-studio births bass lines and backing vocals, some even captured within the confines of his car, embodying the raw and unfiltered soul of underground music.

Over a year in the making, Rebel Hymns of Grace’s 10 tracks are a labor of love and persistence, with members converging from the online realm to create something tangible and stirring. Standout tracks like “Saved by Grace” and “Killing Frost Vision” draw inspiration from biblical narratives, offering a beacon of hope and reflection.

Though born as a side project, the band’s journey is far from over. The possibility of continuing their musical crusade and one day uniting on stage for a live performance remains a dream that, like their music, knows no bounds. Lambs & Lions is not just a band; it’s a movement, a call to the heart of the streets, and a voice for the silent roars of the soul.


  1. Rebel Hymns of Grace
  2. Saved by Grace
  3. Strong Until The End
  4. Armageddon
  5. Killing Frost Vision
  6. Crimsom Words
  7. Our Resting Place
  8. Salvation’s Song
  9. Redemption Anthem

The album’s release is scheduled for June 15th, 2024. It will be available on all streaming services and Thumper Punk Records‘ Bandcamp: Free download at (enter $0 at checkout): Bandcamp

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