‘Tourniquet’ Drummer ‘Ted Kirkpatrick’ Video Posted for ‘The Noble Case For Mercy’ (feat. Ed Asner)


Ted OnwardTourniquet drummer Ted Kirkpatrick has posted a video for ‘The Noble Case For Mercy‘ the song is featuring Ed Asner. The track is taken from Ted‘s new project “Onward To Freedom” (an anthem for the voiceless). The video can be seen below.

The album was mixed and mastered by ace producer Josh Schroeder / Random Awesome Studios and is released on November 11th. 2014 through Tourniquet‘s own label Pathogenic Records.

Ted is joined by an impressive array of guest artists on “Onward to Freedom”. The title track (released as a lyric video on October 1, 2014) features Michael Sweet (Stryper) on vocals and lead guitar, and Mattie Montgomery (For Today) on vocals. Other guests include guitarists Marty Friedman (ex Megadeth), Chris Poland (ex Megadeth), Bruce Franklin (Trouble), Tony Palacios (Guardian), Rex Carroll (Whitecross), and Aaron Guerra (Tourniquet).

Guest vocalists include Dug Pinnick (King’s X, KXM), Gabbie Rae, Kevin Young (Disciple), Blake Suddath (Your Memorial), Nick Villars (Sleep Star Ignition), and Luke Easter (Tourniquet), plus powerful narrations by seven time Emmy Award winning actor Ed Asner and Disney Channel, Nickelodeon, and Family Channel star Ashley Argota.

Lyrics: ‘The Noble Case For Mercy’

Animals – they call out to us. Not in words, but in a universal
language we all understand. They call out for mercy. They call
out for compassion. Are we too callous to appreciate their
struggles, as they try to adapt to a land, and sea – we all too
often degrade and exploit to suit only our own kind?

Have we seen enough of noble animals, like the wolf, the ultimate symbol of courage and resolve, reduced to pest status, victims of a one-sided war – to be eliminated by any means possible?

Have we seen enough of wild animals languishing in boredom and depravity behind bars or in chains, trotted out only to perform silly tricks – waiting for a freedom that may never come?

Will we passively stand by as our majestic wild bison are roughly corralled into holding pens and sent to slaughter – wrongly convicted of a crime they did not commit?

As we are coming to realize that our oceans are brimming with intelligent, social creatures – there are those with bloody hands who continue to make a profit from their confinement, misery, and murder.

The ever increasing pulse of humanity awakened, who refuse to turn a blind eye to their suffering, who are angered by the cruelties inflicted upon any creature great or small, wild or domestic – it is the noble side of us that rises up to fight for those who cannot.

Defenders – guardians – warriors against cruelty. The caring human hearts for millions of sentient beings, a tidal wave of awareness that cannot, that will not – be silenced.

Weblinks: Bandcamp / Order “Onward To Freedom”

Video below ‘The Noble Case For Mercy’

 Lyric video ‘Onward To Freedom’

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