‘The Tourniquet Ark’ “Onward To Freedom” Drum Tracking Video Posted Online


tourniquetark_logoThe Tourniquet Ark recently posted a video on youtube. In the video you can see Ted Kirkpatrick drum tracking for the upcoming “Onward To Freedom” album. Lots of tunes about animal welfare. The video can be seen below.

The Tourniquet Ark’ is a project of Tourniquet founding member and drummer Ted Kirkpatrick. A crowdfunding campaign was launched last year September. The goal of $ 7,000 has been reached, a total amount of $ 8,566 was pledged.

This is a full album project with vocals – human vocals this time! [Many of you know I did a solo album featuring authentic animal sounds for the “vocals”.] I plan to make the music all of you have come to expect from the main songwriter in Tourniquet since the beginning. Joining me will be a few fantastic guest musicians to add to the mix – on vocals and lead guitar – maybe even a Milwaukee symphony musician or two … I’m looking at probably eight brand new songs.The songs are pretty much written (in my head) – just need to get them recorded. It’s no secret by now that I love beautiful music and I love very heavy music – you will surely hear both in “Onward To Freedom”. My hope is that this is truly something you can feel good about being involved with.

*** Regarding “Onward To Freedom” – Lots of people asking “What will the music be like?” I plan for it to be a full heavy album with a biting lower guitar sound, more guitar harmonies, different guitar tones and sounds – with vocals. I’ve asked Luke if he will do a short guest vocal – the rest of the vocals will be a cool surprise… I plan on other guest lead guitar players including one from Aaron – it should be pretty cool – I hope you join me – thanks! Ted
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