‘Dingwall Guitars’ Releases ‘Alberto Rigoni’s’ Bass Model “AR5″


DingwallAlbertoRigoniAR5_1In 2011, Canadian luthier Sheldon Dingwall and Italian bassist Alberto Rigoni [solo artist, TwinSpirits, Lady & The BASS] started working on a new bass. The concept was a very punchy and versatile bass, a mix between the ABZ and Z3 series, with an essential and elegant look. After two years Sheldon and Alberto are glad to announce that a new model has come to light and it’s called “AR5“.

Dingwall AR5 features:
* a dual density wood body [Northern Ash/Swamp Ash]. Alberto loves this combination [no other Dingwall models have this combination] and thinks that it gives more balance in an “ash” tone territory;
* gloss finish [available colors: Black, White, Ferrari Yellow, and Fiesta Red];
* 3 FD3 Dingwall pickups, with P-Tone in the neck position. Through the 4-position rotary you can get the following pickups combination: a) neck b) bridge and neck in parallel c) dual bridge in series d) bridge. The volume knob is push pull and you can switch from active to passive mode;
* 3-band active Glockenklang preamp [40hz, 500hz, 18khz]. When the bass is in passive mode the active treble control functions as a passive tone control.
* Maple fingerboard with Luminlay front and side dot markers [very useful when you are on a dimly lit stage!];
* Hipshot hardware and Bass Xtender to drop from B to A;
* Alberto Rigoni’s logo on the back of the headstock.

“It’s been awesome working with Alberto on this bass. We put our heads together and assembled all of Alberto’s favorite wood combinations and features to create a bass that performs like nothing else in our lineup. It’s a really nice addition” – Sheldon Dingwall

“In one word… KILLER!” – Alberto Rigoni


More pictures can be see here

For orders and further information please contact sales@dingwallguitars.com

Albert Rigoni: Website / Facebook / Twitter / Bandcamp / Dingwall Website

Video below Watch Alberto presenting AR5

Video below Alberto playing Dream Theater’s Erotomania with Dingwall AR5

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