Christmas Rock Night 2012


Christmas-Rock-Night-2012Another winter and before the holiday season it was again time for another Christmas Rock Night. With this year’s line-up with allot of predictable bands but also some for CRN ‘new’ ones like For Today and End Of September. Although predicable I was eager to see Wolves at the Gate and Children 18:3 again because they both released a great new album.

The first day started with I am Empire because we were a little bit late. This was not one of their best performances. The band was playing their songs but had no connection with the audience. When they played some new songs it went kinda downhill for a bit. Maybe it was because it was early in the day but overall something was missing out this time.

We still needed something to eat but after we came back it was already time for Children 18:3 on the sidestage. It was really crowded and hot inside but I did catch some songs. They songs I saw were great. So after ¾ of the set I went to the mainstage to see Wolves At The Gate.

Wolves At The Gate played a great set accompanied by their new vocalist. Who had a good grunt and was interaction with the audience. But most of the talking between songs was done by Steve Cobucci guitarist and clean vocalist. He shared a personal testimony. They also brought a piano to play Man Of Sorrows (a song they normally don’t play) which was great! Overall the performance felt really honest and it was really great.

The Harvest
Tonight My Son
In Your Wake
Man Of Sorrows
Dead Man

After the show it was announced the Thousand Foot Krutch couldn’t come because they were stuck on the airport of München. Instead some bands will play some acoustic songs.

One thing is for sure Germans love Disciple. It was really busy in front of the mainstage for the 20 years anniversary of Disciple. With their old line-up including producer of 8 Disciple albums Travis Wyrick. It was a great performance including allot of great ‘older’ Disciple songs.

Game On
Back Again
Southern Hospitality
Rise Up
Regime Change
By God
God of Elijah
After the World
Shine Down
The Wait Is Over
Into Black
Scars Remain
Big Bad Wolf
Fight for Love
I Just Know

Icon For Hire was next on the sidestage. The band played a decent set. Singer Ariel Mononym voice wasn’t in the greatest condition. But she made it through the songs in a good way and the performance had a lot of energy.
After watching some acoustic songs from Wolves At The Gate we called it a day. Time to get back to the youth hostel and get some sleep.

Day 2:
After breakfast and some shopping in Ennepetal it was time for day 2.
The day started with the Swedish female fronted hardrock band End Of September. It was a nice performance but their song material missed some variation. They also played some covers. One from Paramore their song for Twilight; Decode and a metal version from Loreen‘s Euphoria. Despite the covers I was kinda bored at the end of the show. But the band is still young and there is room for improvement.

Sacrety was next. They play a mixture of Family Force 5 party rock and some kind of trance/hardcore band. They made a big party only downside was they only spoke German and I couldn’t understand all of it. But overall great show.

Time for Children 18:3 on the mainstage. What a nice and fun performance from these three punk-rockers. With again a great drum solo and the new songs were great live and although it was the 4th year in a row with their new songs they still brought something new and they didn’t bore me at all.

Next was Manafest this rap-rocker played fun and really personal set, mixing his rock songs with some slower songs. Overall it was a nice performance.

Fire in the Kitchen
No Plan B
The Chase
Every Time You Run
Bring the Ruckus

I went to see another performance of Wolves At The Gate at the sidestage instead of seeing Fireflight at mainstage. And it was again a great performance like yesterday!

Back to Icon For Hire on mainstage this time. A nice performance, Ariel’s voice was better than yesterday and this time we got a nice drumsolo. Good performance overall.

Off With Her Head
Up In Flames / Jump Around
Get Well
The Grey
Call Me Alive
Make A Move

Next was For Today, the band I was waiting for the whole day and they brought what I was waiting for; High energy metalcore with a great message. The setlist was mostly concentrated around their last two releases. After a little altar call Mattie prayed for about 20 people who gave their lives to Christ. But also musically everything was tight. Overall a great performance!

The King (Intro)
Saul Of Tarsus (The Messenger)
The Advocate
Under God
Arm The Masses
White Flag
The Breaker’s Origin

The day ended with Disciple. But this time it was the new line-up playing focusing on their latest release. It was a nice performance but I must admit I liked the show from yesterday more.

O God, Save Us All
Watch It Burn
The Ballad of St. Augustine
Draw the Line
Battle Lines
The One
Shot Heard ‘Round the World
Once And For All
Dear X (You Don’t Own Me)
Scars Remain
Rise Up

Overall I had a great time at CRN 2012. Beforehand I wasn’t really convinced with this years line-up but no band did disappoint me and everything was well organised. Thanks for everything! Until next year!

Christmas Rock Night 2012 was held 7 and 8 December in Ennepetal Germany
More pictures can be found HERE
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