Jul 262018

Tourniquet co-founder and former guitarist Gary Lenaire has released a new single ‘Vainglorious Hypocrisy’ feat. Luke Easter (ex Tourniquet) & Bjorn Englen (Dio Disciples, Tony MacAlpine) on bass. Check out the video below.

Lenaire‘s solo debut album “No Time Now” has been self-released in July 2017. The album features guest appearances of: Guy Ritter, Anna Sentina, Bubby Lewis, Neil Swanson, Aly Frank and Others. “No Time Now” is the first record he have  published since 2005. Some of the tracks were posted on Soundcloud and YouTube under the Talking Snakes name—a project in Los Angeles. A number of those tracks were remixed or recorded altogether for this release. Says Gary: “So, indulge me in these 10 tunes, they are all over the place—much like my musical tastes.”

Our album review of “No Time Now” can be found here.

Gary Lenaire is a guitarist, vocalist, composer, producer, and author. Lenaire co-founded the band Tourniquetin Eugene, Oregon with vocalist Guy Ritter. Lenaire and Ritter subsequently released two records under the name Echo Hollow. In 2004 Lenaire formed the Los Angeles band Cripple Need Cane and later crafted the project Talking Snakes. Gary Lenaire has released 12 records, published over 100 songs worldwide, was nominated for six GMA (Dove) Awards, and received HM Magazine’s “Guitarist of the Year” award from 1994-1996.

Luke Easter, Tourniquet‘s vocalist from 1993 to 2015, recently completed a successful Indiegogo campaign to finance the release of his new solo project. The campaign closed at 117% of its goal. “The Pop Disaster”is released on June 15th. the album marks a departure from the progressive tinged metal he had come to be known for from his long tenure as Tourniquet‘s vocalist, instead taking more of a hard rock/power pop approach.

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Video for ‘Vainglorious Hypocrisy’



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