Fades Away – “Resurrection, pt. 1” (ep)


Fades Away are back with the follow up to Perceptions and this time bring more of a straightforward alternative/hard rock approach to the tracks on the Resurrection pt. 1 ep.

Resurrection Part I opens up with a song that really confuses me.  In one sense, the opening guitar riffs remind me a bit of older Blindside and Spoken but then Dave Erickson’s vocals come in and I can’t help but hear a young Geddy Lee (Rush), which one should be able to see is a bit confusing.  The song itself alternates between the softer verse sections with primarily just drums and vocals to the louder bridge and chorus sections with loud guitars and ragged screaming added in for emphasis.  As to where this fits musically, I stick by my Blindside and Spoken comparison, so that heavier alternative with some catchy melodies and some occasional screaming.

“The Game” seems as if it will stick to the same formula and in one sense it does in terms of style but the guitars stay with the song throughout with some nice layered leads incorporated over a driving, riff and pummeling drums.  Production quality is excellent, vocals are clear, while guitars and drums are loud, nothing is lost.  I can hear everything from bands like Pillar to guitar parts that remind me of Blue Oyster Cult, so yes, it is an interesting mix.

Similar overall formula in “The Smoking Gun” as in “The Game” with nice layered guitar parts providing some variety and texture to the song and Steve Daniels bass becomes a bit more prominent within the song at times, which is good as after that his contributions become more apparent in keeping the songs moving.  Much of “The Resistance” follows the same path but also has as stronger keyboard contribution which just didn’t seem to work for me and the more extended screaming vocals  to me seemed a bit forced.  “The Beast” closes out the ep and shows a return to a similar song structure as heard in the first couple tracks and again Dave Erickson seems to simultaneously channeling Geddy Lee and Matt Baird (Spoken), which is an interesting mix.

Fades Away have managed to bring back the sound and style of bands like Pillar and Spoken but in an updated manner that shows those bands’ influence without the unique Fades Away elements being lost.

Rating: 7/10

1. Sad State Of Affairs…
2. The Game
3. The Smoking Gun
4. The Resistance
5. The Beast

Band Members
Dave Erickson: Vocals
Steve Daniels: Bass
Matt Mahlen: Drums
Brett Verlennich: Guitar

Record Label: Voluminous Records

Release Date: June 22th. 2018

Weblinks: Facebook / Twitter / iTunes

Buy the album here:
First Paradox
Norway: Nordic Mission

Video for ‘Sad State of Affairs’



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