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Affector is a new band who just released their first CD Harmagedon. Looking at the lineup this could be a serious good newcomer!

Affector started as a duo-project by Collin Leijenaar and Daniel Fries, a Dutch/German duo. The band is completed by Mike LePond (Symphony X, USA) and Ted Leonard (USA). Beside them, some special guests joined: Neal Morse, Jordan Rudness, Derek Sherinian and Alex Argento.

“Harmagedon” is their first release and has a playing time of a whopping 70 minutes in 10 songs! The album has an apocalyptic theme bases upon the bible. Musically this is progressive metal a la Dream Theater. Listening to Harmagedon, this could be a Dream Theater album. Is it that good? Yep.

The album starts with an intro in 2 part: “Overture Pt.1: Introduction” followed by “Overture Pt.2: Prologue”. It starts with a classical orchestra in part 1 and in part 2, the band joins in and takes over with great guitar solos, excellent drumming, great bass playing and perfect keys. Its shows that is a serious band. Technically good and excellent progressive metal. “Salvation” starts quiet with soft vocals, soon to be followed by the rest of the band. The vocals are clean and good and varies throughout the song. The song alternates between slower, quieter parts an fast and heavy ones. A very mice mix. “The Rapture” starts of which guitar riffs which continues for more than 2 minutes. The song takes up 14 minutes of your time, and I would say this is time well spend.

“Cry Song” is more a ballad. Well sung and  very emotional. Keyboards on this song were done by Neal Morse. “Fading Away & The Rise of the Beast” tells literally a few passage from the bible (as all songs of the album), connected with some guitar solos. That’s the way it should be! “Harmagedon” is the title song of the album and takes up a 13 minutes. In my opinion the best song of the album. It takes you on a journey which is great for the bible believing folks out there. But if you don’t, it still a great song. Very melodic, quickly changing from guitars riffs to key riffs and so on. “New Jerusalem” stats a bit heavier, followed by some quieter vocals. Then it builds up again and is very lingering. Well done! The last 2 songs are instrumental versions of “Harmagedon” and “New Jerusalem”.

To conclude “Harmagedon”: This is a seriously good newcomer, a technically masterpiece, very enjoyable to listen to and has a positive message.

Rating: 9/10

Band members:
Mike LePond – bass guitars (Symphony X)
Collin Leijenaar – drums
Daniel Fries – guitars
Ted Leonard – vocals (Enchant/Thought Chamber)

Guest musicians:
Jordan Rudess – keyboards (Dream Theater)
Derek Sherinian – keyboards (Black Country Communion/Planet X)
Neal Morse – keyboards  (Transatlantic)
Alex Argento – keyboards

Record Label: Inside Out Music, May 2012

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