J’Accuse​.​.​.​! Release Self-Titled EP, Available for Free Download


J'accuseJ’accuse! is a new hardcore band from the Netherlands. Their new self-titled EP is released yesterday, available for free download now on their bandcamp page. If possible support the band by paying for their music (name your price). They would appreciate that.

J’accuse! stands for speaking what we think is true, no matter what the consequenses are. We spare nothing or nobody, including ourselves. Formed in June 2012 to play lightning fast hardcore with honesty and passion, J’Accuse…! has seasoned hardcore veterans as it’s members. Between the five of them, they’ve played a couple of hundred shows, and it shows; energetic and aggressive, they know how to work a crowd.

Even before their first live show, they were featured on the winter compilation of “God’s Love for hardcore” and the first show ever played was abroad on the German Freakstock festival and was met with positive reviews. So, if you’d like to have a band with aggression & melody, with beats & breakdowns and an honesty rarely encountered anymore in the scene: J’Accuse…! will deliver.

The band is composed of: Peter Rebel – Vocals, Martin Kuipers – Guitars, Thomas Aantjes – Guitars, Carl Stapelbroek – Bass


1) ‘Ship On A Raging Sea’ 03:21
2) ‘Remember’ 03:00
3) ‘Set Sail’ 03:37
4) ‘Dancer! Dancer! Dancer?’ 03:44

Upcoming Shows:
Aug. 15 – Graceland Festival, Zelhem, the Netherlands
Sept. 26 – Rock Alive, Veenendaal, the Netherlands

Weblinks: Facebook / Bandcamp


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