HolyName & Heal The Hurt Release Collaborative New Single ‘Stained Glass’


HolyName and Heal The Hurt‘s Trevor Tyson have released a collaborative new single titled “Stained Glass“. HolyName‘s Tommy Green (ex-Sleeping Giant) weighed in on working with Tyson and what inspired this song, offering:

“My deconstruction took me deeper into religion. A lot of other peoples’ deconstruction goes further away. I think people can get this song wherever they are. It’s saying, ‘I was sincere, and I was used. I was a believer, and now I don’t know what to do with it. But I’m finding through this new space in my life that I could love again.’”

Tyson added:

“It was based on my journey of feeling used and abused in this megachurch mentality. It’s like a corporate nightmare being pitched as God’s house. I justified not being involved in a local church community because I was working in Christian music world. I got so wrung through the wringer that I didn’t even know if I wanted to be a Christian anymore.”

A press release explains that Tyson eventually reconnected with the church through a smaller orthodox congregation. Tyson offered of that experience and how it impacted this track:

“It felt like a holy moment or a sacred space. I was able to break through this hurt that I felt that I had carried for close to a decade with the church because I felt like I was a black sheep. The stained glass that I once felt trapped by was shattered under my feet. It felt like a glimpse of heaven on earth.”

He continued of the track:

“I think it’s one of those universal themes: betrayal. Loving something and being brokenhearted. Letting go. Then finding solace in a place you never expected to after letting go.”

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