Burial Extraction’s New EP “Expelled” Is Out Now!


Burial Extraction provides listeners with five ruthless songs for their new EP “Expelled.” Serving as a bridge to close the gap between their debut “A Shadow of Things to Come” and their next full-length, the tracks they unleash here include the acclaimed ‘Out of the Way’ and four more that will assault your ears with the sonic razing the new kings of old school death metal have come to be known for. Not only was this recorded and produced at the renowned Corzine Studio, multi-instrumentalist Derek Corzine officially joins the ranks of Burial Extraction to add another level of ferocity to their sound.

“I also already have another full-length record done. I thought the songs on the EP worked together better, so I wrote those after I wrote the record. So the record is already written, but I side stepped it to write the EP. I think records and EP’s should have some coherence, and so, if a song doesn’t fit, I set it aside until there’s enough other songs to fit it with,” shared lyricist and chief songwriter Brian Lyda.


  1. Out of the Way
  2. Behold
  3. Maggot Infestation
  4. Creeping in Unnoticed
  5. Expelled

You can purchase or stream “Expelled” on CD / Digital or in a T-Shirt / Digital bundle right now at burialextractiontcc.bandcamp.com/album/expelled.

Brian Lyda: Bass, Vocals
Derek Corzine: Guitars, Drums, Additional vocals on Maggot Infestation
All lyrics and music written by Brian Lyda
Recorded at Corzine Studio
Produced by Derek Corzine
Graphics by Seth Metoyer of Metoyer Media

Video for ‘Out Of The Way’

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