BLOODGOOD Founding Members, Les Carlsen and David Zaffiro Reunite to Create a Unique Song Inspired by Les’s Son, Jeff


Les and Joyce Carlsen just released Jeff’s Song by Les Carlsen.

“When Jeff was six, I set up a microphone and recorded him singing and playing ‘drums’ on a cardboard box.
After he passed in 2013, I shared the recording with David Zaffiro, who put together some music based on a refrain that came from a phrase Jeffie sang. We pieced together sections of Jeff’s performance, but then the project sat, unfinished for several years.

At the 10-year Anniversary of Jeff’s passing, Joyce and I were motivated to work on the song again.
I came up with lyrics and melody, and Joyce positioned Jeff’s parts so that everything worked together as one very emotional piece of music. David played all the music. “Jeff’s Song” is the result.

I hope you enjoy this and thank you for being a part of my life, even though we may never have met personally. You, listening to my music creates a natural bond between us. I’m honored to have you listen and connect with me through social media about how this inspired you to count every moment precious with the ones you love.”

BLOODGOOD founding members, Les Carlsen and David Zaffiro reunite to create a unique song inspired by Les’s son, Jeff. Les’s first release since 2022, “Jeff’s Song”, will be released on all streaming platforms on June 14.
In 1971, Les recorded his 6-year-old son singing and banging on cardboard boxes. Jeff has since passed, but his melody comes alive 53 years later as Les Carlsen and David Zaffiro, founding members of the Christian Music Hall of Fame metal band, BLOODGOOD, create a musical arrangement weaving together emotionally charged lyrics, searing guitars and Jeff’s voice.
Most everyone has experienced the loss of a loved one. It is especially difficult when it is a child. This song captures the depth of a father’s love. It reflects the pain of loss while offering the hope of healing. It was written to inspire and move you towards the One who can make a difference.


“You don’t have to get too close to the mic.”
“This close?”
“Now just sit up straight.”
“Like this? Like this?”

We’ll meet again, on heaven’s shores.
Embrace my son once more.

“Cool, son. Sing it”
(Scat exchange)


You left too soon, but you’re not gone.

“I love you.”

(You got the blues for one day.)

I feel like I’m shot. The bullet goes through me,
(I got the blues)
Piercing my heart.
(I got the blues)
The pain in my gut, a wound that won’t kill me
(I got the blues)
I’m dying inside just the same.

“What, son?”
(harmony riff)
“Oo, that was you and me. That was good.”

(I got the blues.)

“OK, sing with your heart. You’re great!”
(Oh mom, Oh yeah, Oh, Oh, Oh.
Oh mom, Oh yeah.)

We’ll meet again, on heaven’s shores.
Embrace my son once more.
Way too young!

Raging and screaming, my mouth remains closed, yelling inside.
Continuous stabbing, emotions exposed.

We’ll meet again, (Yeah, Yeah!) On heaven’s shores.
Embrace my son once more.
Way too young.

You left too soon,
(bom, bom, bah)
but you’re not gone

We’ll meet again, (Yeah, Yeah!) On heaven’s shores.
Embrace my son once more.

I would’ve hugged you harder.
I would’ve listened more.
Every hug would been longer



releases June 14, 2024
Witten by Les Carlsen and David Zaffiro
Produced by Les and Joyce Carlsen
Mixed and Mastered by David Zaffiro
Arranged Engineered by Joyce Carlsen
Guitar and Bass David Zaffiro
Drums – Dan Needham

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