Oct 042019

Facedown Records is proud to welcome What We Do In Secret to the Family!

Between the dichotomies of life – aggression and peace, darkness and light, love and chaos – sits a dissonant space where the truth exists, for those who have the courage to find it. Positioned right in the middle of that dissonance is What We Do In Secret, a Memphis metalcore band that has leveraged aggression to find peace, explored darkness to find light, and committed to love in a world drenched in chaos.

What We Do In Secret‘s debut full length “Repose” is available for preorder today and will be released on November 22. The first single ‘918’ is available for streaming below.

Track List:

1. In Falling
2. 918
3. Rebirth
4. Blackout
5. Shine: Lost
6. (Remain)
7. Repose (ft. Garret Russell)
8. Home
9. Silhouette
10. Vindication

Preorder Here

Video (audio) for ‘918’

Band members:

Josh Adams – Vocals
Clay Crenshaw – Guitar and Vocals
Frankie Forbes – Drums

Weblinks: Facebook / Twitter / Instagram

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