Brazilian Death Metal Band ‘Antidemon’ Playing ‘Massacre in the Netherlands (Video)


The Brazilian death metal band Antidemon is back in Europe for its sixth continental tour! Expectations are high for this three month season which is going through several countries across Europe. The European Season is part of the “25 Years of Antidemon World Tour” which began in 2018 and traveled all over South America.

Antidemon kicked of their European tour on Sept. 26 in Belgium. One day later Antidemon performed on the 6th edition of My King Rocks in Klollumerzwaag (Netherlands). Video footage of Antidemon playing ‘Massacre’ can be watched below. ‘Massacre’ is taken from their album “Satanichaos” which has been released in 2009.

Check out the rest of their tour schedule below.

Video for ‘Massacre’ (live)

Antidemon is hailing from São Paulo, Brazil. The band was founded in 1994 by Carlos Batista. The band has been compared to death metal acts such as Morbid Angel and Suffocation.

Sofar Antidemon released: 3 demo’s, 4 split-albums, 2 live-albums, four studio albums: “Demonocide” (1999), “Anillo de Fuego” (2002), “Satanichaos” (2009) and “Apocalypsenow” (2012)., 5 DVD’s and were featured on several compilation-albums.

Our review of their latest album  “Apocalypsenow” can be found here.

At the end of 2018 they start the “25 YEARS OF ANTIDEMON WORLD TOUR” tour through several cities in Brazil and South America, closing with a sequence of shows in the second half of 2019 with the sixth season in Europe, where they pass by Norway, Netherlands, Austria, Poland, Slovakia and other countries of the Old Continent.

The band returns to the studio to record their fifth album in early 2020 to be released by US label Vision of God Records.

Band members
Antônio Carlos Batista Do Nascimento – Vocals, Bass
Juliana Batista – Drums
Lucas Nakano – Guitars

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