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Hyderabad, India’s old school hardcore powerhouse, R.A.I.D., brainchild of vocalist Rueban Issac, launched June of 2016 and has already impacted fans across the globe. Along with Issac on vocals, the band is comprised of Abishek Allapanda on Guitars, Sam Jaba on Bass and Bobbin Jaydev on Drums. –

R.A.I.D draws musical influence from such hardcore legends as Madball, Suicidal Tendencies, Agnostic Front, Terror, Snapcase and Hatebreed. Lyrically, R.A.I.D focuses on the classic ethos of hardcore, PMA (Positive Mental Attitude) with the added message of Hope, Strength and Salvation through the teachings of Jesus Christ. R.A.I.D strives to further breathe fresh music into a generic scene, pushing both music and lyrics to the fullest potential.

After breaking out with their inaugural offering “The Strong Survive”, R.A.I.D is preparing to release their sophomore cd. Not only will they bring their old school hardcore blitz to a thicker, heavier sonic attack, but they bring an even stronger counter assault levied against an enemy who most assuredly drew first blood. A hardcore R.A.I.D awaits.

A lyric video for their new song; ‘Unbreakable’ drops on the 15th of March. (Teaser below), the song is part of a digital 45 which will include one more track, building up to their second album, which will be announced shortly.

Their debut album “The Strong Survive” has been released on July 13 via Rottweller Records. Our review can be found here

Weblinks:  Facebook  Noisetrade  Bandcamp

Video for ‘Unbreakable’ (teaser)

NEW MUSIC COMING SOON. A lyric video for our new song; Unbreakable drops on the 15th of March.#raidhxc #rottweilerrecords #proximitymusicmanagement #hardcore #crossover #thrash #musicmetal #indianmetalbands

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