Brazilian Metal Band Krig Signs with Rottweiler Records, Releases New Digital Single ‘Anamnesis’


Please welcome legendary Brazilian death metal band, Krig to the Rottweiler Records pack!

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War is inevitable on a broken planet. Wars and rumors of wars are more prevalent than ever. Yet, in the midst of raging battles and the imminent pressure of conflicts there are those who rise up from the mire of the mundane as conquering warriors. Such is the case with Brazil’s powerhouse death metal trio, Krig.

Krig engaged at the start of 2007, in the city of Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais set on firing off brutal songs containing themes of social, political, philosophical and Christian themes. By June the band had recorded their first full length, “Feed Me” with temporary studio musicians. By the end of 2007, Krig soldiered on with Isaque Soares casting of bass and opting for guitar as his ax, while his wife Júlia chose bass as her weapon.

Krig‘s inaugural live aural assault came early in 2008 in Juiz de Fora / MG followed by the detonation of their EP, “Stop the Manipulation.” This launched the band into a frenzy of live performances that eventual saw the casualty of a drummer who wasn’t able to traverse the territories Krig was annihilating. With a new drummer in tow, the band marched on getting harder and faster, with more blast beats and more firepower.

By the time 2009 rolled around, Krig was ready to again record what would be their heaviest and largely considered to be the best release of their careers, “Target: Human . Mission: Destroy .” The independent release catapulted Krig’s name into international notoriety as it was widely distributed outside of Brazil for the first time. 2010 ushered in a new era as Krig conquered new lands on the “Narcissistic Brazilian Tour” outside of their native Brazilian Southeast with the arsenal of a new album entitled, “Narcissistic Mechanism.” Upon the success of that tour, the band took aim in 2011 at a larger target: South America outside of Brazil. This tour included the Midwest, South and Southeast regions of Brazil and countries like Bolivia, Paraguay and Argentina. The tour was named “Narcissistic South American tour” which discharged the release of the first DVD “Back to Square One”. By 2012 the band continued their live performance trajectory with the most prominent performance being the sharing of the stage with Norwegian Black Metal band Antestor in Belo Horizonte. Enter 2013 and no slowing down in their footslog as the band released their fourth full album “Decay’s Beholder” along with more Brazilian touring.

2014 saw a much welcomed tapering to Krig’s rugged tour schedule. During the down time, the band released a compilation of remastered and re-recorded songs along with one new song called “7 Years of Brutality.” In 2015 the band relocated to Canada and went on a hiatus.

2018 saw Krig still fighting the good fight by recorded a CD of covers named Tribute. The CD featured songs by Stryper, Bride, Believer, Mortification, etc … and a couple of instrumental songs.

Once 2019 dawned, Krig returned to the studio to record their upcoming e.p. with the assistance of studio drummer, Krzysztof Klingbein, a Poland based maniac of a drummer. 2020 saw Krig release its first live album, it is a concert recorded in 2010 in the city of Rio de Janeiro. Also, in 2020 Krig released Tribute II, another collection of covers, with songs of such bands as Trouble, Tourniquet, Messiah Prophet, Megadeth and Bloodgood. If that wasn’t enough battles being fought and won, Krig reissued several of their old records on Good Fight Records.

In 2021, the band signed a contract with Rottweiler Records for the release “Anthropos,” a new full-length with session drummer Krzysztof Klingbein.

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