Symphonic Death Metal Band He Leadeth Us Releases Visualizer Video for ‘Introit: Ancient Flames’ “Ancient Flames” Ep. Out Now


“Introit: Ancient Flames” is a powerful fusion of Symphonic Death Metal and ancient Christian liturgical prayers. This track by He Leadeth Us opens the album with an intense and spiritually uplifting experience, blending brutal death metal soundscapes with the reverence of early church hymns.

“Introit” in liturgy refers to the opening chant of the Mass, setting the spiritual tone for the service. In “Introit: Ancient Flames,” the ancient flames symbolize the timeless and sacred prayers from the early church, igniting a profound connection between the listener and the divine.

This track weaves these ancient liturgical elements into their music, creating a track that is both aural and spiritual in its impact. The combination of aggressive riffs, symphonic arrangements, and sacred texts delivers a unique and transcendent musical journey.

About the Track:

  • Genre: Symphonic Death Metal
  • Themes: Ancient Christian liturgical prayers, spiritual awakening, reverence, and intensity
  • Inspiration: Early church hymns and the Introit chant

Listen to “Introit: Ancient Flames” and let the ancient liturgical prayers guide you through a symphonic death metal landscape, where the sacred meets the brutal in a harmonious and awe-inspiring masterpiece.

Embark on an epic musical journey with “Introit: Ancient Flames,” where ancient liturgical prayers meet the powerful intensity of symphonic death metal. Click play and let the ancient flames ignite your spirit

1. Invocation (Intro)
2. Introit: Ancient Flames
3. Gloria: A Battle Cry
4. Kyrie: Lord Have Mercy
5. Sanctus: Lord of Angel Armies
6. Creator Spiritus
7. The Gathering

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Visualizer video for Introit: Ancient Flames

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