‘Slechtvalk’ to Begin Recording New Album this Thursday


slechtvalk_logoAs previously reported Slechtvalk has managed to surpass their € 6000 crowdfunding goal. The campaign was launched on Nov 24 and ended on Jan. 24th. Slechtvalk will enter the LSD-Studio in Lübeck (Germany) this week on March 12th. the album will be recorded, mixed & mastered with Lasse Lammert, with an expected release date of October/November. Earlier today the band reported the following:

‘With only a couple of days to go before we enter the studio we had to make some hard decisions.’

‘We had to decide on a winner (if any) on our guestvocalist contest, but we also had to choose the 11th song that unfortunately wouldn’t make it, as we agreed upon 10 songs with the producer.’

‘The decision has been made and we dropped one of the slower (still unnamed) songs that focussed on the anticipation of the last remains of the Asternas royal guard (stationed at its capital), waiting for the arrival of a much stronger enemy. It was a song that was very dependent on setting the right atmosphere to get it right, especially considering the slow pace and lengthyness (think ‘Spoils of Treason’) and we deemed it to be too risky in its current state. It would either be awesome or terrible and that made us decide not to record it for the upcoming album, though we’ll try to get it right for a 6th album (which we hope to record late 2016/early 2017).’

‘This wednesday 3 of us will travel to LSD-studio in Lübeck to begin the recordings for our new album! Ohtar and I (Shamgar) will give moral support to Grimbold as he’ll start his intensive drumrecordings on thursday and in the off-hours Ohtar and I will work on improving/perfecting our vocal lines and see if we can do some songwriting for our old ‘Haardvuur’ project or the acoustic folky Slechtvalk-spinoff I have been working on in secret.’

‘During the coming weeks we plan to record several videos of the recording process and use them for some interesting studio-reports.’


Slechtvalk‘s latest album “A Forlorn Throne” was released in the summer of 2010 through the German record label Whirlwind Records, and once and for all proved Slechtvalk’s dominance as one of the best Dutch Blackmetalacts, receiving excellent reviews throughout Europe.

To read our album review, for “A Forlorn Throne” click here.

Slechtvalk‘s keyboard player Premnath Gonesh has released his second solo album “Circumstantia” in November of last year, find the review here.

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