Help ‘Slechtvalk’ to Reach 100% of Their Crowdfundings Goal (New Update)


slechtvalk_logoNovember 24th. was the start of the crowdfunding campaign for the fifth album of Slechtvalk. A new update follows below:

‘With only 3 weeks left and still 42% away from our goal, we decided to give some discounts on perks that have not been claimed yet.’

Come to a Rehearsal – € 125 -> € 100
Dagor’s old outfit – € 175 -> € 150
Armour created by Seraph – € 450 -> € 400
Treasure Chest by Shamgar – € 450 -> € 400
Painting by Premnath – € 450 -> € 400
Join us in the studio – € 500 -> € 400
The original Backdrop – € 750 -> € 600
Be the Co-Producer – € 6000 -> € 4500

‘Please note that all perks requiring shipping, already include shipping costs.’

‘Coming weeks we’ll share some demo-material of the new songs, which ofcourse will be rerecorded when we enter the LSD-Studio in March. So 2 months before the actual recordings begin!’

‘We hope you’ll keep spreading the word and don’t forget to contribute yourself, if you haven’t already done so. The fifth Slechtvalk album deserves more than low-budget artwork : )’


The upcoming yet untitled  album will be recorded, mixed & mastered with Lasse Lammert of LSD-Studio in Lübeck (Germany) during March – July 2015, with an expected release date of October/November 2015.

Slechtvalk latest album “A Forlorn Throne” album was released in the summer of 2010 through the German record label Whirlwind Records, and once and for all proved Slechtvalk’s dominance as one of the best Dutch Blackmetalacts, receiving excellent reviews throughout Europe.

To read our album review, for “A Forlorn Throne” click here.

Slechtvalk‘s keyboard player Premnath Gonesh has released his second solo album “Circumstantia” in November of last year, find the review here.

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