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AKWe’ve been busy working through the holidays here at BadChristian, and wanted to give you an inside scoop on one of our current projects. Below is a press release about our newest band Abandon Kansas‘s crowd fund going on right now that’s in the final three days! You can listen to clips of a couple new songs on the band’s facebook page to get a feel for the new direction they’re going with for their first full length album after going independent. The guys are in the studio right now and making this a really awesome album! We’re really excited with the direction their taking and want you all to hear it and have a chance to be part of it too.

Abandon Kansas, the newest addition to the BC Music roster of artists, just added 3 more perks to their current IndieGoGo campaign. The campaign has already funded over 90% of its goal, and only three days remain for fans to become a part of AK‘s story. The on-going crowd-fund currently features packages that allow fans to take part in the living-room tour AK has planned, and with 16 shows already booked, tickets are in high demand.

Many of the perks now include exclusive rough mixes of tracks off the forthcoming album, which are being recorded throughout the duration of the campaign. These tracks bring fans directly into the studio experience, allowing a unique look at the development of the album’s sound as it evolves through the creative process. Additional homestretch packages include an international living-room show, a very limited quantity of private house or event shows, and a unique vocal package that allows supporters the chance to have their voices featured on a track of the album.

Abandon Kansas front-man, Jeremy Spring, was featured on a recent episode of The BadChristian Podcast. During the interview, Spring‘s honesty led the discussion to a vulnerable place where he openly discussed the struggles that are influencing AK‘s new album. From juggling art with a new marriage, addictions to his own vanity and pride when touring, to the poor experiences AK had in the corporate music world—which Spring has described as, “Having my balls cut off”— and then the relief that came from moving into the independent music space, provide an intimate look at the reality behind a life in music.

“The road just makes it easy to drink too much, to smoke too much weed, to just get addicted to attention. And, then I come home and I’m supposed to listen to, and be affirmed by, and pay attention to one woman. And, just being addicted to my business, and vanity and pride. The depression comes from all the failures in that.” – Jeremy Spring

The success of the crowd-fund, which has raised over $13,000 so far, has served as fuel for the band’s creative fire.

“I’ve been trying my hardest to keep my mind off the campaign while I’m in the studio because I don’t want the pressure to influence my head space for this album, but to be honest that’s been impossible to avoid. Seeing our fans come through for us at such a pivotal moment has not only been encouraging, but is literally the only thing keeping this idea in motion. We are truly making this album together, at the exact same time, and there’s a connection there I believe you’ll hear on the album.” – Jeremy Spring

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