‘Bad Christian’ First Compilation “The LineUp Vol: 1”, Available for Free Download


Bad Christian logoThis week Bad Christian released their first ever music complation called “The LineUp Vol: 1”. Just like “The M Word”, they are giving this one away for free.

‘We have some awesome artists on the compilation including a selection of bands that submitted music to us this summer, new songs from BC artists like Emery and The Classic Crime, as well as artists on other labels like Wolves at the Gate, The Foxery, and ’68. We are thrilled to share music that we love with people that are cool.

The purpose of this compilation is just to share good music with people. We have found some lesser known bands that we want to help be heard.  We are proud of all of the BC Music artists and want to showcase them, and we are friends with some bands on other labels that we just felt like sharing as well. We have spent time and money developing this and are proud to give this music away for free, but if you feel at all inclined, please, consider contributing any amount in order help us continue to give stuff like this away.

The-LineUp. small

Track List
1. Dreams – Kings Kaleidoscope
2. Chemistry – Almost Normal
3. Friends Hurt – We Are The City
4. Three Is A Crowd – ‘68
5. Table of Kings – Search for Safety
6. We All Look Elsewhere (Revisited) – The Classic Crime
7. Hoax – Kevin William
8. Alligator (DEMO) – Abandon Kansas
9. Weary Eyes – Talking Trees
10. Patmos – The Foxery
11. Withering Heights – Edelweiss
12. I Got Taken for a Bath – Emery
13. Saloon – The Ongoing Concept
14. Closed Mind, Closed Eyes – Crowns
15. Song in the Air – Pacific Gold
16. Bounty – Cardinal Harbor
17. Crashing – jamieson.
18. What’s Good for the King – Sullivan
19. Retribution – Convalesce
20. Relief – Wolves at the Gate
21. Eyes Wide Shut – Asyla
22. The Road – Vocal Few
23. Avalanche – Handsome and Gretyl
24. Guest List – Rusty Cole


Bad Christian exists to be open and honest about who we really are and to encourage you to do the same in your communities.

We (you and I) seem a bit too concerned with managing our images and trying to be “good Christians”, whereas the Bible is honest and transparent about how messed up we really are. It is more accurate to call ourselves bad Christians that have a great Savior.

We do not like, justify, or “get away with” our sin because of grace, rather we feel called to expose our own sin and expose the fact that Christians everywhere are hiding their sin and giving modern Christianity a bad name, turning many away who label us as hypocrites and liars.

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