Premnath Gonesh – “Circumstantia” EP


Premnath Gonesh - Circumstantia Whilst you may know Premnath Gonesh as the keyboard player for Slechtvalk, you may not know about his solo project. His first album was ‘A Journey Through The Depths Of The Soul’ (2012), which he has followed up with ‘Circumstantia’ (2014). He explained “After years of depression I started composing songs on the piano which tells the way I felt at the time till now. Light classical, dark, dreamy & heavenly piano pieces straight from my heart”.

It starts with the uplifting ‘Roses For You’ which has a chunk of razor-sharp guitar inserted into its latter part. I found that it reminded me of Adele’s ‘Someone Like You’. It has that same quality of being romantically vulnerable and utterly gorgeous at the same time. ‘A Prayer For The Unborn’ is gently understated and conveys the fragility of a new life in the making.

‘Frozen Tears’ has an aching beauty that underlies the composition. Then ‘Lead Us In Thy Light’ takes a more weighty approach with more depth. There is the atmospheric crackle of lightning in ‘Thought’ which leads down a dark and dangerous path. Finally, there is the superbly executed ‘Piano concerto in F minor’ with string accompaniments.

Overall it has the depth and feeling of a classical masterpiece. It also has the quality that repeated listening means that you discover new facets each time.

Rating: 8/10

Reviewed by Peter John Willoughby

01. Roses For You
02. A Prayer For The Unborn
03. Frozen Tears
04. Lead Us In Thy Light
05. Thoughts
06. Piano concerto in F minor (bonus track)

Record Label: Independent, Nov. 2014

“A Journey Through the Depths of the Soul” (2012) [review]
“Circumstantia” EP (2014)

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Video below ‘Lead Us In Thy Light’

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