‘Invader’ New EP “No Nukes” Available Now


Invader logoInvader  from Johannesburg, South Africa (Not to be confused with the heavy metal band Invader from Seattle, Washington), reported the following:

‘3 new Invader songs for you to download: 1- the funky – “on the road”, 2- the thrashbomb – “no nukes” and 3- the atmospheric – “vision”!!! Plus many more older songs to download for FREE too at Reverbnation.’

Invader‘s new EP “No Nukes” is released last month. The “No Nukes” EP contains 5 songs: 1) ‘Vision’, 2) ‘No Nukes’, 3) ‘On The Road’, 4) ‘Whose Funeral Are You Going To?’, 5)  ‘Against the stinkin’ spirit of indifference.

A short video clip of the making of ‘on the road’ in the studio, can be seen below.

Invader is a one-man Jesus-metal project by Nicol Botha. His music can be described as heavy-metal thrash with a little touch of punk. Something between Ultimatum, Saint & Deliverance.

Weblinks: Reverbnation / Facebook


Video below: Metal artist Invader recording drums, electric guitar, bass and vocals for his track ‘On The Road’

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