‘Slechtvalk’ to enter Studio beginning 2015 to Record new Album


slechtvalk_logoThe Dutch extreme metal band Slechtvalk announce a crowdfunding-project for September to fund a new album, which will be released in the summer of 2015. Read more below in studio-plans part 1 & 2.

Studio-plans, part 1:
During February/March 2015 we’ll enter the studio to record our 5th album! The studio reservation is done. We aim for a Summer release.

Now you might wonder, why you have to wait at least another year for a new Slechtvalk release. The reason is quite simple: With “A Forlorn Throne” we set a high standard by recording with some of the best producers in the metalscene. Although we’ll choose a different and slightly less expensive studio for our next album, the studio-costs are still difficult to gather without financial backing from a label (more on that later).

A second reason is that we want to musically outclass ‘A Forlorn Throne’ and for that we want to take the time to perfect the songs. Unfortunately we don’t have the luxury to spend dozens of hours a week on the songwriting process, like some of the famous bands do, so we have to do with the few hours that our family & work obligations allow.

So, we ask you to be a bit more patient, but years fly by much faster than you’d realize.

Studio-plans, part 2:
regarding the financial aspect: Currently we are not signed to any label and previous lobbying-attempts often resulted in a proposal that basically came down to this: “You pay the recording/mixing/mastering costs yourselves and we’ll handle the distribution/promotion, and oh, we want you to invest in that as well, so we take minimal risks”

Such offers are understandable given the present economic distress, but these didn’t give us much of an incentive to sign any contract right away as they all meant, we have to gather the necessary funds ourselves. So we decided to focus on that first, record an album and then see if any labels are interested at reasonable terms or wether we might as well do a self-release.

Gathering the funds just by the fees from gigs and merchandise-sales proved to go pretty slow and if we have to rely solely on those, we would still need at least another 2 years. So we intend to start a Crowdfunding-project in September.

At the moment we’re almost half-way the budget we need for the recording/mixing/mastering of the new album and we hope that many of you would join our Crowdfunding project once it is launched and help us acquiring a good part of the rest of the budget, so that we will not have to postpone or cancel the album-plans we’ve made.

In the meanwhile, you are welcome to support us by buying our merchandise at www.slechtvalkmerch.com or help us in finding gigs.

Slechtvalk’s latest album “A Forlorn Throne” was released in 2010 via German based label Whirlwind Records. You can read our album review here.

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Video below ‘To Rise or Fall’, ‘Homebound’ (NEW SONGS)

Video below ‘ Where wandering shadows and mists collide’, We Are’ (NEW SONGS)

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