Slechtvalk – “A Forlorn Throne”


Slechtvalk (peregrine falcon) is a Dutch extreme, viking metal band. They have released “Falconry” (2000), “The War That Plagues the Lands” (2002), “At The Dawn of War” (2005) along with a hit compilation “An Era Of Bloodshed” (2009). With “A Forlorn Throne” (2010) they continued their concept album theme situated in a fantasy Norse world where battles rage between armies of good versus evil.

The main change in sound is that they no longer use female vocals and they have fully embraced the melodic death metal sound. Whilst keyboards do still feature, there is much more attention on the aggressive guitars. This has brought comparisons to Amon Amarth, Dimmu Borgir and Opeth. The current line-up is Shamgar (vocals & guitar), Ohtar (bass & vocals), Seraph (guitar), Premnath (keyboard) and Grimbold (drums). There are also guest vocals from Erik Grawsiö (Månegarm) on three tracks.

“Tamers Of The Sea” is dark and stormy as they set out on the ocean voyage to conquer distant lands. “Forsaken” takes a speed metal approach and heaps on the aggression, but does contain a clean vocal chorus “Too lost in my own sorrow, I didn’t notice the changing surroundings/Can’t remember how I got here, I think I have lost my way/I have been led astray from the path that I was following/The sorry state I am in, it feels so unreal” as it portrays defeat on the battlefield.

There is an acoustic folk intro to “Divided By Malice“, which tells of the warrior’s retribution after finding his woman was beaten and subjugated by his enemy. “Allegiance” features synths underpinning the groove metal guitar and allows some variation into the proceedings. Then it’s back to the dark pagan metal with rasping or growling black metal vocals.

“Towards The Dawn” has several melodic interludes as it draws a breath as it exhorts “Rise now my brethren and fight till the dawn will release us from this mournful night/ Follow me now as I ride through this sea of onslaught, death and fire, Arise!” The final battle, “Vengeance Of A Scorned King”, is a brutal clash of medieval Norse armies with the ground made slippery by the blood of the fallen.

Rating: 8/10

Reviewed by Peter John Willoughby

Track list:
01.Tamers of the Seas
02. Forsaken
03. Desolate
04. Divided By Malice
05. Allegiance
06. Enthroned
07. Bewailed
08. Towards The Dawn
09. Vengeance Of A Scorned King

Current member

Shamgar – lead vocals, rhythm guita
Seraph – lead guitar
Ohtar – bass guitar, vocals
Premnath – keyboards
Grimbold – drums

Label: Whirlwind Records, 2010

Weblinks: Myspace / Official Facebook

“Falconry Full-length (2000)
“The War That Plagues the Lands” (2002)
“Chaos & Warfare” [Split w/ Kekal] (2002)
“Upon the Fields of Battle” [CD?DVD] (2005)
“At the Dawn of War Full-length {2005)
‘Thunder of War’ [Single] (2005)
“An Era of Bloodshed” [Compilation] (2009)
“A Forlorn Throne” (2010)

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