I, The Breather – Truth And Purpose


I The Breather are a quintet from the vicinity of Baltimore (USA). With their debut album ‘These Are My Sins’, which was released late 2010, the band made an overwhelming impression. The album was filled with sharp, energetic music, driven by math-core rhythms, a djent sound on the guitars and sweet, appealing choruses.

Although this sound is continued on their new album ‘Truth And Purpose’, there are tiny differences to be heard. I The Breather handed in some of the typical djent guitar sound; it is now used more sporadic, which makes the album a lot more balanced. The vocals are sharp and are filled with emotion. There is also a little more room for, though still sporadic, clean vocals. They were disturbing on the 2009’ EP but here they fit in seamlessly with the choruses. The whole results in gems like ‘False Profit’, ‘Mentalist’, ‘Meaning’, the instrumental and beautiful track ‘Lunar’, ‘Rephaim’ and the enigmatic ‘4 .12.11’. The songs proof that this band is way more than just the sum of their influences. The only letdown I can find is that many tracks slowly fade away. But this is just a triviality that did not spoil my pleasure in the album.

Their lyrics handle about issues such as grief over the death of a loved one, radicalism, prejudice and bigotry. And although they band is quite frank about their Christianity, it never gets pushy or preachy.

Although this album is head and shoulders above the crowd, it knows its’ only (tiny) disappointment in the fact that the surprise from debut album ‘These Are My Sins’ is not met. However, a band that displays development, as is the case here, I will not blame them for that. In fact: ‘Truth And Purpose’ deserves it to be heard. Give it a try and chances are that I The Breather at the end of the album will have convinced you as well.

Written by Patrick

Rating: 90/100

Track list:
False Prophet
The “Beginning”
Bruised & Broken
Knights & Pawns

Shawn Spann – Vocals
Jered Youngbar – Guitar
Justin Huffman – Guitar
Armand Jasari – Bass
Morgan Wright – Drums

Record Label: Sumerian Records, 2012

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