‘Slechtvalk’ New Update Posted ‘Studio-plans, part 6 – Crowdfunding rewards/perks’


slechtvalk_logoThe Dutch extreme metal band Slechtvalk recently announced a crowdfunding-project to fund a new album, the recording proces has been pushed back to April 2015. Regarding the recording proces of the new album, the band posted the following on their facebook profile:

We’ve made a list of rewards/perks you can get in return for your contribution, which we hope you’ll find interesting.

Among the rewards/perks are various merchandise, like:
– Digital download of the new album.
– The New Album Signed by all bandmembers.
– T-shirt exclusively obtainable through the crowdfunding project.
– Lyric/story book containing thorough explanations of all songs, insights into Shamgar’s fantasy world which forms the basis of the narrative lyrics and various anecdotes from our 15 years of Slechtvalk history.
– Goodiebag containing the album, tshirt, lyric book and lots of goodies (and of course a bag ; ))

You get a chance to own Slechtvalk history:
– Signed drumskins, stained with blood, mud and sweat of various shows and rehearsals.
– The original 5 x 4 meter Backdrop with old logo and the Warrior artwork from Kris Verwimp

Obtain a unique piece crafted by one of the members:
– Armor created by Seraph
– Painting created by Premnath
– Viking-style chest created by Shamgar

Or witness/be part of Slechtvalk history being written:
– Come to a rehearsal
– Join us in the studio for a day and take part in it
– Celebrate the final master with us (bbq with the band months before the release)
– Be the Co-producer during the entire recording process

And for people with small budgets, who want to support us we’ll have some smaller rewards, like a Thank You email or a handwritten Thank you note.

And if there something not on this list that you’d gladly make a contribution for, do let us know.


Slechtvalk started out as a one-man symphonic blackmetal project by Shamgar and released its debut album ”Falconry” in the year 2000. After the good reception by the metalcommunity a full band was formed and released its 2nd album ”The War that Plagues the Lands”, as well as a split CD ”Of Chaos and Warfare” with the Indonesian Kekal in 2002. ”The War that Plagues the Lands” reached #2 at the Lowlands Top 50 Metal Charts, the best-known Dutch metal-chart.

Shortly after, the band made its first live performances, incorporating many war and fantasy themes making the bands liveshows a visual spectacle, which eventually led to the live-DVD “Upon the Fields of Battle”, which was released in 2005, together with the third album ‘At the Dawn of War’, which contained alot of elements from folk metal.

In the subsequent years, the band toured and played with several reknowned acts [like Månegarm, Skyforger, Suidakra, Endstille, Eluveitie, Holy Moses and more], while working on new material for their fourth full-length album.

2009 saw the release of the anniversary CD “An Era of Bloodshed”, celebrating the bands 10-year anniversary and contained hand-picked songs from the older sold-out albums and some previously unreleased demo-songs. During the following winter the band traveled to Sweden to record their fourth Full-length album with some of the best the metal-industry has to offer: Johan Örnborg at Studio Mega and Jens Bogren at Fascination Street, both known for their work on Opeth, Amon Amarth, Swallow the Sun and more.

With the fury of blackmetal, the thunder of deathmetal and proudness of vikingmetal, the long expected ”A Forlorn Throne” album was released in the summer of 2010 through the German record label Whirlwind Records, and once and for all proved Slechtvalk’s dominance as one of the best Dutch Blackmetalacts, receiving excellent reviews throughout Europe.  To read our album review, click here.

Weblinks: Facebook / Twitter / PledgeMusic / Merchandise

Video below ‘To Rise or Fall’, ‘Homebound’ (NEW SONGS)

Video below ‘ Where wandering shadows and mists collide’, We Are’ (NEW SONGS)

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