‘Elgibbor’ “The Path Of Suffering” Official Release Date January 7th, 2014, Album Teaser Available. Pre-Order Your Copy Now


Elgibbor.2014A new Elgibbor album will be released through American label Shigionoth Records on January 7th, 2014. The album entitled “The Path Of Suffering” will be distributed through official distributor Metal Helm.

‘Conqueror of the Nation’ [a full new song] and a 3.42 minutes long album teaser can both be streamed below.

As the title suggests this album was birthed out of pain and suffering, yet the focus of the lyrics on the album is not on the angst that life can bring but instead on the anchor of hope that our Savior is. It was a difficult time in the lives of the members of Elgibbor during the creation of this release, so much so that the lyrical content took on a life of its own. The writing process birthed not only Elgibbor’s best work to date but it helped the struggling members to gain footholds against the enemy’s attacks! Focusing their struggles to our one true hope in life Jesus Christ! Suffering is part of this life. God uses these trials to sharpen us, to hone us into Spirit Filled weapons forged in our suffering to conquer the advances of the enemy! This is Raw Epic Black Battle Metal! We are all involved in a spiritual battle. It’s all around us every day. This new Raw Black Battle Metal sound is the sound of victory over the enemy! It is the sound of warriors on the battlefield! It is the sound of Christ working in our lives turning our painful struggles into joyous triumphs! Many of the lyrics are straight out of the Scriptures reassuring the listener of their position in God quoting from the Psalms, 1 Chronicles, Jeremiah, and Revelation. The music is aggressive and in the direction of Elgibbor’s roots, and the addition of Thundermoor on drums only adds to the raw heaviness you feel while listening. A special guest appearance by Armath Sargon laying mountainous keyboards helps sharpen this sonic blade of Raw Epic Black Battle Metal! The new sound of evil’s demise straight from the frontline!

Packaging:  First run will be limited to 100 [signed by Fire and numbered] 6 panel digipak with 8 page book. There will be a second run limited to 200 Jewel cases with the 8 page book soon to follow.

01. Embrace Life [Or Death]
02. Conqueror Of The Nations
03. Free And True
04. You Are Never Alone
05. Blessed Are You, O LORD
06. Psalm 140
07. Your Light In MY Darkest Time
08. Wyciagnieta Reka
09. Restore
10. Reassures
11. Outro Revelation


Elgibbor 2013

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Soterion Apollumi Hamartia [Full-length] 2010
The Imminent Invasion [Full-length] 2011
Slava Bogu !!! [Split] 2011

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Shigionoth Records  / Metal Helm

Video below “The Path of Suffering” full album preview

Video below ‘Conqueror of the Nations’ [full song]

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