Contest: Be a Guest Vocalist on ‘Slechtvalk’s’ Upcoming Album


slechtvalk_logoFor the singers among us, this is your chance to participate on Slechtvalk’s upcoming album. How ? Read more in the following message from Slechtvalk:

‘We’re putting up a contest for the (clean) vocalists among you. The winner will be invited to the studio to record his vocals on the song ‘Betrayed’ (and who knows what else), be featured on the upcoming album and listed as guestmusician in the album’s credits!’

‘Just wanting to emphasize it concerns clean vocal parts (though ‘clean’ could have a rough edge). However if the winner also has decent growling/screaming skills and he comes to the studio in person, we could make his trip more worthwhile by doing a couple of dubs (like Erik Grawsjö’s contribution on A Forlorn Throne)’

‘Of course there are some rules/guidelines:’

1. – You’re required to be available for 1 day to record your vocals between 28th-30st of March (so check your agenda first).
2. – The recording studio is in Lübeck (Germany) and you’re expected to organise your own transportation (traveling costs are at your own expense), but we’ll provide you with food, drinks and a bed to sleep during the following night (unless you rather return home on the same day), you may bring 1 guest with you.
3. – If you believe you may be the perfect candidate, yet live too far away to drop by in the studio, but have access to professional (!) recording equipment, you may participate, but you are required to be on ‘stand-by’ between 24th-30th of March to record your parts, send them to us and be prepared to record some changes if necessary.
4. Though we already had some idea in our mind of what it was originally supposed to sound like (think “Borknagar – Colossus” including a modulation), you’re free to try to something entirely different.
5. Though we’re primarily looking for a male guest vocalist, female vocalists are welcome to participate, however the lyrics are currently written from the 1st perspective of the male heir of the kingdom of Asternas, dying from the wounds inflicted upon him by his twin brother. A tragic tale…
6. The deadline for demo-submissions is March 2nd and the winner will be anounced before March 9th.
7. The winner will be selected by the band.
8. the band retains the right to select no winner at all if none of the applications are considered fitting enough.
9. The band retains the right to end the contest before the deadline ends, for example when a perfect candidate has already been found before that date, it’s decided that the song ‘Betrayed’ will not be recorded at all (can’t fathom why, but who knows) or when some tragedy requires the album recordings as a whole to be cancelled or postponed.

‘If you want to participate, send us a pm with your email address and we’ll send you a wetransfer with a demo version of the song, including Shamgar’s horrid vocals (the song turned to be too high pitched), to give you an idea of what we initially had in mind, a demo version without his vocals (for you to record your part over it, or try something different), a draft version of the lyrics (these will likely change before the actual studio recordings begin) and a document with rules and instructions.’

‘You’re then expected to record your vocals at home in decent demo-quality and send a wave file with your vocals mixed in the demo and the wave-tracks with only the vocals (starting from beginning of the demo song) using wetransfer before March 2nd.’


Slechtvalk‘s crowdfundings campaign has ended. As previously reported Slechtvalk has managed to surpass their € 6000 goal. The campaign was launched on Nov 24 and ended on Jan. 24th. Slechtvalk will enter the LSD-Studio in Lübeck (Germany) next month (March 12th) the album will be recorded, mixed & mastered with Lasse Lammert, with an expected release date of October/November.

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